6 Areas of Personal Development At Work – Become Better

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Areas of personal development at work

Two things I never give up on!

When it comes to choosing a better working life, I want these two things to be the priority. Because all areas of personal development at work are usually neglected.

We are not enough, until we look after everything. Likewise, enthusiasm and consistency are worthless without personal development planning.

These are the two things! Enthusiasm and Consistency. Without them you are lazy. But with it, all areas of self development are necessary.

If you are consistently and enthusiastically working in the office, but you are not skilled in all essential areas of development then being consistent becomes limited to one thing.

In this article, I have talked about 6 areas of personal development at work, out of which you may have worked only on few. To achieve your goal, improving in all these areas is must.

What Is Self Development?

Self development, also called personal development, is about improving oneself. The steps taken in continuous learning, improving behavior, career and all those areas that contributes toward a better life.

What Are Examples of Self Development?

Some examples of self development includes – mental aspect, emotional aspect, relationships, career, etc. But here we are not going deep into personal development, we are focused only on areas of personal development at work.

6 Key Areas of Personal Development At Work

1. Conscientiousness

One of the five aspects of development is conscientiousness. One who takes responsibility, works well, does the job on time and is highly efficient possess the quality of conscientiousness.

If you are too easy going, lazy, have no schedule planned or not much productive, you need an improvement here.

Just as we would want our kids and our younger siblings to have neat handwriting, take care of their books, keep their uniform clean, we are expected to be careful, efficient and honest in our work for personal development.

Self development is a priority aspect of life, in which conscientiousness plays an essential role. Some ways of improving conscientiousness are honesty, carefulness, staying focused, avoiding addictions, planning and scheduling tasks, responsibility, clear communication and consistency in work.

Areas of personal development at work

2. Self Esteem

When insecurities pile up and jealousy increases, self-esteem gradually decreases. Too much obsession with people’s opinion, their reactions and their perspective about you hinders your progress.

Higher self-esteem means you don’t care about anybody else’s opinion, but yours. If you start to prioritize other’s opinion about anything and everything, you lose the confidence. Because their opinion of you is generally demotivating and discouraging.

To become fearless, courageous, being able to take challenges, you got to stop dropping ideas. You will have to allow opportunities to come in and say yes to all of them. You will need to stop avoiding obstacles, if you don’t, you won’t be able to face them.

Watch this amazing video on building self-esteem!

3. Balancing

Work is the source of income. We all agree. But investing your entire time in growing your business or impressing your boss or generating money may create an imbalance in your personal life.

Work-life balance is essential!

In the process of becoming the successful person, we forget to spend time with our family. And to avoid glitches in personal life, creating a balance between home and office is must.

Here’s the list on creating a healthier balance between personal and professional life.

  • Time management – try not to spend more time at workplace, but equally give it to family and work.
  • Life coach – become your life’s coach. Keep a track of your actions, words, and emotions while dealing with both.
  • Holidays – Make sure you invest on holidays. Go out as much with family as you would do for work trips.
  • Keep it low – try not to attend work calls. Let yourself be free at home. It will help you understand and know your family.

4. Emotional Aspect

Workplace is a place where we get most criticism. Everybody’s trying to compete with another. While some become best friends, some become insecure, jealous and try to bring down the best in you.

These are cases where we need to be emotionally mature. If you don’t stay emotionally strong, accept criticism, have low confidence, you would lose in life.

No matter how intelligent you are, if you aren’t smart enough to see evil actions of people, you will always be affected. Better improve your emotional intelligence, intrapersonal skills and boost your self-confidence to become better in life.

Emotionally mature - areas of personal development at work

5. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills make bonds stronger. The good communication and listening skills help create better relationship with customers, employees, colleagues, and everyone you meet at your workplace.

If you fail to understand people around you or fail to communicate right with them, you will be treated differently. People are actually attracted to those who understand them. Now you know how important it is to develop interpersonal skills for improving areas of personal development at work.

6. Physical Aspect

Personal growth is done right when we consider mental health and physical health equally. You may be mentally strong or may be working on it, if you lack improvement in physical health, you lose.

Getting tired early, not being able to focus, having physical pain are all examples of bad physical health. If you don’t look after them, you will always be struggling with work. On top of it, you will start to complain about your untimely completion and headaches.

So, consider personal growth – mental health and physical health. And work on it.

And we complete the 6 areas of personal development at work.

If you continually work on it, without giving up, you will see major changes in your life. Personal growth is the key to successful life.

Continuous learning, improving, enhancing ourselves make us better only. I would suggest you to work on all the 6 areas and experience healthier life ever.

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