7 Relationship Counselling Sessions Pack

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Counselling Session Time:  1 Hour, starts at 11 AM IST. 

Note: Reach out to the Counselor before you book an appointment either via email at contact@rukayya.com or 8830604694


Heal Yourself with The Help of Your Counselor.

What services do I offer?

Online Counselling Service (Text or Call)

  • Relationship Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Self-healing
  • Self-improvement
  • Mental Health Counselling
What do I aim for?
  • To communicate with individuals, rather than fixing them
  • Directing them, rather than making their decisions
  • Listening to every bit of their issues, concerns, and stories.
  • Most importantly, directing them towards self-healing & self-growth
What can you expect?
  • Nonjudgmental behavior
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Comfort
  • A great listener
What is the process?
  • Choose the date/time
  • Go to Cart
  • Make the payment
  • Get a confirmation email from your counselor
  • Done
What are the duration and charge?
7 Sessions of 1 Hour.
If you wish to book an online counseling service for 1 hour or 4 sessions package, click here.
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23 reviews for 7 Relationship Counselling Sessions Pack

  1. Quadir

    Rukayya is attentive and listens, she understands what my concerns are and when to tell me I should look at things from a different perspective. 10 out of 10!

  2. Mufaddal

    Your advice helps me a lot.
    You have a persuasive nature
    Just keep it up

  3. Zainab

    She is an amazing advisor and a great listener ur advice has changed my way of thinking ❤❤❤

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thank You 🙂

  4. Abdul Qadir

    Extremely happy with the help I received It was incredibly convenient to send her notes regarding my struggles and progress so we may refer to it during our appointments. I can not stress enough how valuable phone appointments are to me. Not just for the convenience, but for the comfort of being in my own home and the elimination of the opportunity to become distracted by anyone .It was my first time experiencing therapy, and it’s been a game changer.It’s a game-changer being able to contact my counselor at all times. When life happens and you need to touch base with a trustworthy person to help in certain situations, this meets that need.Ruqayya Zirapur is amazing, she gave me a solution to one of the issues right away, in her first session. I could not expect more. Will continue using it until I resolve all the deep and underlying issues

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Grateful 🙂

  5. Manindar

    Thankyou for understanding and such a good adviser❤️.
    I belive that it would be helpful and also helpful to me how to treat that perosn.

    • Rukayya Zirapur



    It was my pleasure talking to her . She will listen to you and give the best possible advice. Already felt better just after the first session. She changed the way I looked at things and make me look at the brighter side of the situation. Shes very positive and understanding. Thank you for doing this amazing work and helping people .

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thank you. I am glad 🙂

  7. Riya

    I must say, you were the best. I had a really tough day and was having lot many since last year. I couldn’t cope up with things and anxiety and anxiety attacks. But today after talking to you, I can assure myself of becoming better person. You have showed me the way. Thankyou for the genuine care?

  8. Maryam Bawaji (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from the first session but with Rukayya it was invaluable. She made me feel completely at ease discussing anything that was on my mind, and being able to let my guard down and express difficult emotions was a huge relief. We got to the bottom of damaging thought patterns and worked through tools to deal with them, which I feel confident using on my own now. Her patience, understanding and guidance have enabled me to make what I am confident will be lasting positive changes. I would definitely recommend Rukayya, she is wonderful and I am very glad to know she is there if I need any future help. Thank you!

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thank you. Had a great time talking to you?. Stay home. Stay safe.

  9. Amatullah

    In the first session i was very nervous but Rukayyah bain made the session so helpful and i felt very comfortable talking to her…. Helped me alot and would totally recommend her… she’s like a friend and I’m glad i got to know her…Thanks alot Bain

  10. Mufaddal

    It was refreshing.She is great listener,very friendly and easy to talk.She gave me very useful advices and made me realise i already know some answers about my situation.Gave me positive approaches for the plans of my future .After her session i was relax and light.I am happy i met you.Keep up the great work.

  11. Ankita Chauhan (verified owner)

    Would have given more stars if i could 😀. Rukayya is an amazing person to talk to, a great listener and can easily relate to problems of this generation. Thanks Rukayya.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thankyou, Ankita. 🤩😀

  12. Mustafa Dilawar

    Really she is a gr8 councillor.
    She has a positive aura.
    N ha tysm for bringing my life back to normal.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thankyou ✅

  13. Rashida Jamal

    The counselor was a easy to go person. I enjoyed the session a lot. Thank you for your support.

  14. Fatema Jaffarbhai

    Its was great experience. I gained a lot of optimism throughout the session. Thanks for your support and timely help.

  15. Mariya contractor (verified owner)

    Rukayya really helped me figure out a lot of things in my life. I haven’t seen anybody having so much patient to listen to someone for that long. I guess we all miss on good listeners. I will definitely recommend her.

  16. ___ (verified owner)

    Good listener. Her words are motivational and inspiring.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thank you for kind words 🙂

  17. Nitin Agrawal

    Today I talked to Madame about my problems in Hindi and I feel that if I acted on the advice given by Madame, my problems will be solved.

  18. Zainab

    You are a really good listener..And really much understanding..Felt so stress free talking to you..and the direction that you shown has really helped me focus over the brighter side..

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      I am glad 🙂

  19. Mustafa Ezzy

    Rukayya is an absolute superstar. She is a perfect listener and comprehends things very well. She understood my issues and helped me out in no time.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thank you Mustafa for the kind words 🙂

  20. Huaain Patanwala


  21. Murtaza Zariwala (verified owner)

    Scheduled a 2 hour session with Rukayya. I was very sure that it would not be enough. But the way she listened to my problems and understood them the way I wanted, we were done in just an hour.
    The thing I liked about her was she was punctual, empathised well and being of a similar age she could relate to my problems😁
    Looking forward to many more sessions with her and wish her well deserved success ahead!

  22. daisy

    She is a calm listener. The best part about her is that she will always help you to look out for the root cause of your problems and same she did in my case. After her session I’ve figured out a lot of loopholes I’m facing in my relationship and with her valuable advice, I’m working on it. Thanks rukayya, I’m glad that I took your session.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Hey, Thankyou for the kind words 💘

  23. Maryam S

    To have a person to talk to whenever one needs, irrespective of the time of the day or even late at night, Rukayya was just a “hi” Whatsapp text away. To listen without a bias and to fully hear me out and empathize with me but to also show me where it is my fault and I have to do the work, she made sure I felt heard and validated but also that I had areas to work on. What started as a “relationship counselling” ended up becoming a “personal growth” opportunity when Rukayya showed that I had areas to improve on first before seeing out change in the other person and that has made a whole world of a difference. Thanks to her I was able to deal with issues I thought I had accepted, but were actually affecting me in ways I did not realize until I spoke to her. She is an excellent listener for someone who just keeps talking a lot, without a pause. Seeing the other person as a human first, and then attaching my emotions based on the relationship I share with them and expecting them to “behave” the way I like them to which usually ruins the relationships- this perspective has been a biggest takeaway.

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