Let me help you improve your life in the right ways.

Because it is not about who you used to be, it is more about who you choose to be.

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What I do

I help people through my writing and one to one counseling. The three things I do when I am not sleeping…

I Coach.

people towards self healing. I believe helping others should be natural extension of every individual’s responsibilities. Readers love me for finding out what’s valuable to them and giving transparent feedback.

I Speak.

the poems which are nowhere the fantasies and dreams, and the romantic time of the evening. I speak about the days I have been through with a solution to help all those going through the same phase.

I Write.

about the broken heart and the process to help yourself heal. I write in whatever situation I am to note down ‘whatever thoughts’ I have been getting lately. And that makes me stay more close you and myself.

Need advice?

If you think I might be of any help to you, reach out to me anytime. I would be really glad to help you out personally.

My Book

The book talks about the gay couple who fight with the society to be with each other and so the title ‘Love From Iraq’ goes along with ‘Proof that love wins’. There’s a pretty story behind how two of them meet each other.


“ Your advises were very helpful to me. It gave me hope that I can literally do what I actually wanted to do in my life.  A big thanks with all my heart, pray for your success”

- From a career counselling session

My story

I was being called so dumb and sick by my school mates that I most of the time stayed depressed and scored less. So when I realized I have got nobody to speak what’s in my heart, I started writing a diary. I started writing about my day poetically. I started rhyming my emotions and made it a purpose to happiness.  Writing have always been an escape from the depressing world I live in. 

I come from a background where studies aren’t given first preference. My father stayed in Dubai throughout my journey from a kid to a teen. I was staying with my mother. And I hardly had any interest in any subject… 

Let me help you heal yourself in the right ways.

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