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My Life story

There’s no straight way to success and everybody need to know this. I come from a background where studies aren’t given first preference. My father stayed in Dubai throughout my journey from a kid to a teen.

I was staying with my mother. And I hardly had any interest in any subject. I have always been least bothered about my score at school until now. When we shifted from a town to a city, I didn’t know how to talk in English. I could read but not speak.

I remember on my first day at school here in the city my teacher scold me for not knowing what does a composition mean and my fellow mates laughed at me cause I was fat ugly dumb and with extreme low self esteem. I had no purpose in life. I had no dreams until I met a friend who dreamed of studying in an Oxford University, London. 

It is said that you most of the time look at the world from other’s perspective. And the way this friend showed her immense love for studying at Oxford actually built a lot of emotions and purpose about life in my mind. I didn’t know how can I speak for myself or write a letter to a friend.

Do you think I was born writer ? I started with copying from internet and showing off my friends that I can write amazing and about anything beyond my age. Then I slowly started realising that copying is more like cheating and staying true to yourself is what makes you believe in yourself. 

I was being called so dumb and sick by my school mates that I most of the time stayed depressed and scored less. So when I realized I have got nobody to speak what’s in my heart, I started writing a diary. I started writing about my day poetically. 

I started rhyming my emotions and made it a purpose to happiness. It’s still so hard for me to write a happy poem until I am actually feeling it. Writing have always been an escape from the depressing world I live in. I will listen to your dumbest shit and still not share about how many members I have at my place. I will instead write it down cause obviously nobody’s judging me for what I feel ? And I can be honest at the same time.

Over this time, while in the process of helping myself heal, I realized that there may be so many people and even more who fear judgement, stays depressed, don’t come out and doesn’t know the Magic of Mind.

I realized of the facts that its just not me and there may be so many others as well. That is how I came up with the concept, ‘help yourself heal’ and through all the contents that I share on my social media handles includes solutions to problems that everybody of us goes through. And I have always been more concerned about mind, career and relationship because that’s where people loose their control.

I have come a long way. I am on the journey to go more 🙂

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