1 Hour Relationship Counselling Session

(10 customer reviews)


Counselling Session Time:  1 Hour, starts at 11 AM IST 

Note: Reach out to the Counselor before you book an appointment either via email at contact@rukayya.com or 8830604694

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Heal Yourself with The Help of Your Counselor.

What Services do I Offer?

Online Counselling Service (Text, Call, or Video Call)

  • Relationship Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Self-healing
  • Self-improvement
  • Mental Health Counselling
What do I aim for?
  • To communicate with individuals, rather than fixing them
  • Directing them, rather than making their decisions
  • Listening to every bit of their issues, concerns, and stories.
  • Most importantly, directing them towards self-healing & self-growth
What can you expect?
  • Nonjudgmental behavior
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Comfort
  • No Medication
What is the process?
  • Choose the date/time
  • Go to Cart
  • Make the payment
  • Get a confirmation email from your counselor
  • Done
What are the duration and charge?
1 Hour, Charges – Rs. 550/ ($7)
Expertise – Relationship, Marital, and Family Counselor.
Email – contact@rukayya.com
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10 reviews for 1 Hour Relationship Counselling Session

  1. Mihir

    Loved talking to rukayya. Thankyou for the direction provided.

    • Rukayya Zirapur


  2. Husaina

    I don’t regret booking a Counseling Session with Rukayya. I was nervous and underconfident, but she did a good job making it comfortable for me. The methods shared and guidance will always be to the point. Thanks.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thankyou 💯

  3. Jayesh

    Hey, keep up the good work!! Thenks for all the help you have been providing since past 3 months. I have improved.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      I am glad ✅

  4. Mohammed dohad wala (verified owner)

    Nice experience with rukayya !!
    And by learning from them, I will understand my value in the coming time !! And nothing is more valuable in the world than human thoughts !! I learned from Rukayya how to handle him and how to appreciate him.

  5. Raj

    Hey, it was good talking to Rukayya. I was looking for some advices and guidance, she helped me to the point. She is good to recommend others.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Hey Raj! It was good talking to you too 😉

  6. Huzefa Mor

    Nice talking with Rukayya!!
    She clears my mindset. She help me to know me better. I have learned many more things about life and relationship from her which will helps me a lot for my future relationship..
    Thanks for the time and support!!😊

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thank you for the kind words. Good day 🙂

  7. Al Azhar

    Rukayya is not just competent and articulate, but she is also an excellent listener, and her experiences and examples are relatable and authentic. With her, coaching is more like a dialogue that leads you down a thousand pathways.
    She ensures that each of her sessions is successful enough to reach the target aim in the shortest amount of time possible, making is really convenient for her clients.

  8. Maryam B

    To be able to put things into perspective and view them rationally to solve the core problem and not just from the surface level is one big takeaway from the sessions I’ve had with RUkayya. Which has helped in daily life to tackle bigger problems.

  9. Taha (verified owner)

    To the point advice was given. It was very comfortable and nice to talk to her. All the confusion and uncertainties was no more at the end of the call. Excellent listener and talked from experience.

  10. Sravya

    Rukayya has been such a sweet heart and has very patient. I felt the best after long after have a session with her. I will continue to have more sessions with her and it’s definetly helping me.

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