4 Online Counseling Services

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4 Online Counseling Services

Note – Reach the Counselor before Booking an Appointment. contact@rukayya.com or 8830604694


4 Online Counseling Services Include –

  • 4 sessions of 1 hour
  • Relationship Counseling (Achieving self-growth in relationships)
  • Self Improvement Coaching
  • Dealing With Anxiety, Fear, and Rejections
  • Directing Towards Self-growth
  • Dealing with inner conflicts
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence

I am a Counseling Practitioner and a Marital Counselor. I don’t prescribe medications. My aim is to direct individuals toward self-growth and self-healing.

The 4 counseling sessions program is for those who think one counseling session wouldn’t be enough. And those who find the single session cost too much.

Plus, I believe in nonjudgmental practices. So, you can expect 100% confidentiality.

How To Get Started?

  • Make The Payment
  • Receive Confirmation E-mail From Me
  • Done

Where To Contact Me?

Email – contact@rukayya.com

Instagram – https://instagram.com/rukayyazirapur

11 reviews for 4 Online Counseling Services


    I really need to thank rukayya for bringing out best in me. She is attentive, fun, insightful, and very skilled at identifying and responding to me and her resourceful nature and openness has helped me finally face issues I’ve not even felt.She is attentive, fun, insightful, and very skilled at identifying and responding to me and her resourceful nature and openness has helped me finally face issues I’ve not even felt..!!

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      I am thankful 🙂

  2. Fatema Jaffarbhai

    Bracing myself for the wonderful journey ahead. 👍

  3. Rhea

    Enrolled into coaching 3 months back and loving the results. You helped me overcome my fears and issues. I will be always grateful. Hoping to be able to handle it on my own from this month.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      I am glad 🙂

  4. Tanya

    Hey, thank you for helping me and guiding me these three months. I have learned a lot from you. I have the courage to face my fears now. Hope I can meet you someday.

  5. Johan Ronak


  6. Burhanuddin

    I really loved talking to you ben.
    I could figure out things easily. I even came to know things about me that I didn’t explore before.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

  7. Insiya dawoodi

    Rukayya ben gave me some activities to do on daily basis to overcome my problems. These activities really brought positive changes in me. Its the best decision I took to do counselling sessions with her .
    I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Al Azhar

    Rukayya is not just competent and articulate, but she is also an excellent listener, and her experiences and examples are relatable and authentic. With her, coaching is more like a dialogue that leads you down a thousand pathways…She ensures that each of her sessions is successful enough to reach the target aim in the shortest amount of time possible, making is really convenient for her clients.

    • Rukayya Zirapur

      Thank you very much, Azhar! MEANS A LOT TO ME.

  9. Tasnim

    Ruqaiyah helped me to get some insight in the issues I was facing and gave me a positive and right direction to think. I’m thankful to her. I wish her all the best.

  10. Alifya

    My sessions with Rukayya ben came at a fairly critical point for me, and I’m so happy to say that they have been incredibly helpful. Her reliably astute observations allowed me to really consider my perspectives in a way I hadn’t done before and her direct but non-jugdemental manner made hard topics easier to address on, which I really needed and appreciated. She listens to what I say carefully, is absolutely the sweetest person and because of her excellent help it is now possible for me to have a different and healthier approach to various situations. I’m really grateful for all of her help. Thankyou!!!

  11. Murtaza

    Mesmerized with the way you explain where we stand in life. Really amazing experience.

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