Why do I Fear Responsibility? 4 Achievable Reasons

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fear responsibility

Responsibility is a state of being accountable or responsible for something assigned or expected to show up. However, some people fear responsibility because of certain reasons that they keep on avoiding. 

The other thing is responsibility comes with circumstances, and because of fear of responsibility people are called useless or worthless. They are unable to handle judgments thrown on them, so they become more irresponsible and unavoidable. Because of such situations, I have included 4 reasons that unknowingly becomes ignorant and some techniques for you to heal from it to become more responsible.

Scroll down to see what these reasons are and how you can recover from it –

Why do I Fear Responsibility?

1. To Avoid Making Mistakes –

Basically, everything that we do or do not do is because of certain experiences that have changed us in a certain way. Similarly, we fear responsibility because of experiences that we do not want to face again.

In the same manner, a lot of individual deny taking responsibility to not make the same mistakes they have made before, which makes them consistent in avoiding taking responsibility.  

fear of responsibility

Now, what is the solution for the fear of mistakes to not fear responsibility?

  •  Let your mistakes teach you a lesson.
  • If you failed because of a mistake, take another challenge to correct that mistake
  • We cannot learn to walk on exactly the right path in one go, we are tended to fall thousands plus time before we reach the right path to walk on
  • Similarly, every human is entitled to make mistakes, but very few learn a lesson and stand up to correct the mistake
  • Basically, you need to continuously accept the challenges’ life put in front of you to not fear responsibility. 

2. To Avoid Criticism –

People have become addicted to compliments. They are unable to handle critics, which may come in every phase of life. So, when they take up challenges they only hope for winning and not work for it. And when they fail to receive what they expected, they take it to their mind.

However, there are two kinds of individual who act differently in such situations – some people because of ego response back to the criticism with criticism, and some give up on what they should be working harder for. 

Basically, both do not choose the right way to handle it. 

Now, what is the solution for the fear of criticism to not fear responsibility?

  •   Take criticism as a challenge to improve yourself.
  • Critics are always in more number than the supporters.
  • Every critic doesn’t come up to destroy you.
  • If you accept the criticism as in to work better for the better results, you will win not fail.
  • Allow yourself to be open for all the circumstances that will come ahead.
  • And you will become more open to accepting responsibility than avoiding responsibility.

3. To Avoid Failure –

We still need to understand that failure is important to become the best version of ourselves. Without failure, you will not know the importance of struggle and will not be able to enjoy your quick success to its fullest.

That is why most people don’t take responsibilities, so they can avoid failure and start doubting their worth in the practical life.

fear of failure

Now, what is the solution for the fear of failure to not fear responsibility?

  •  Failure teaches the greatest lessons of life. 
  • You wouldn’t have the worst experiences to share if you don’t fail.
  • Become resilient to pain and keep going until you make it worth sounding
  • Allow yourself to face a number of circumstances that will teach you different lessons of life
  • Don’t give up because what if you fail again? Rather, learn from the bad parts that made you a failure to turn it into a success
  • Take more responsibilities and take different kinds of responsibilities to learn from all the situations
  • And you will realize how important it is to fail to become a respectful responsible person.

4. To Avoid Making Decisions –

The life is unpredictable, and we take so many decisions to make the living better. However, at some point in our life we take decisions that leads to a failure or destruction. Because of such decisions, we give the control of taking decisions of our lives to somebody else who wouldn’t face the later consequences that you will have to face, which also makes you a dependent.

 And so, the fear of taking decision stops the person from taking responsibilities that might make him more responsible towards life.

decision making

Now, what is the solution for the fear of taking decision to not fear responsibility?

  •  Take the control of your life and start making decisions that you want to.
  • Don’t think about the circumstances before taking the decision that you really want to take.
  • Ask for opinions, don’t implement the opinions.
  • Consider what’s best according to you before taking a decision.
  • Allow yourself to make wrong decisions to learn from it.
  • Don’t doubt your worth because of a wrong decision taken in the past.
  • Take your past as an example to create a better future.
  • And urge for more challenges that will kill the fear of responsibility.

These are the four basic reasons that make us fear responsibility. And if you implement the solutions provided, I assure you of becoming a better respectful responsible person. 

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