Intelligence Alone Is Not Enough To Become Successful – Top 4 Reasons

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Intelligence Alone Is Not Enough

‘You are a psychopath’

I am sure, that is what you must have called me on hearing why intelligence alone is not enough to become successful? Because what else is needed than a higher IQ?

But, darling if only IQ was important not many brilliant people would have failed. I will tell you why intelligence alone is not enough in lot more detail if only you wish to keep scrolling. After all, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Why Intelligence Alone Is Not Enough To Become Successful?

Well, if we start with brilliant people then let me tell you, all those who were too intelligent to top, work hard, make money and reach the path of success failed in life because they thought having a higher IQ was enough. They didn’t learn the techniques that would have made them successful even in other’s eye and for the lifetime.

So many individuals drop their jobs because their brilliant bosses do not understand sensitivity and that is why most people say, ‘He’s such a heartless person to not understand why I needed an urgent holiday’ because we forget to be emphatic when it requires the most.

Similarly, social smartness plays an important role. If you have all the intelligence, have all the knowledge, yet don’t know what to speak, how to speak and forget the timings, you will not leave a great impact in other’s eye even if you build up an empire, have a great turn over and live in a porch house.

Here I will give you more points and better examples on why intelligence alone is not enough so you will know how much importance it holds in becoming a successful person.

1. Remember That Movie?

Remember the movie three idiots? That brilliant student who gave the funny speech? And got mad at Amir Khan for making his fun in front of all the audiences?

It was clearly his mistake that he didn’t get it reviewed before performing it in the public. And when it turned out to be the worst performance, he put the blame on his classmate. He was so intelligent that he could learn the whole text book and top the class, but not so intelligent to accept his mistakes.

Intelligence is a total waste if the person doesn’t accept what small mistake he made. Because when it comes to reaching the path to success, intelligence alone is not enough. It also examines how emotionally strong you are to accept all the criticism that comes ahead.

2. Silence Is Valued Only In Certain Times

I believe, silence is a gift to an intelligent person. People would not speak until there’s a need to speak, while some people would talk unnecessarily. However, the point here is different.

There are a number of people with higher IQ, but fail to understand themselves. What they want, how they want is never a priority when it comes to what others want from them.

We all have friends who wanted to become something else but became something else because their parents wanted them to. If they had examined their wants, their dreams and ways to stand up for themselves, their world would have been different.

Basically, never compromise on what makes you yourself. Because if you fail intrapersonal intelligence, then your smartness, your knowledge is of no use.

3. Social Smartness

Social intelligence is what I call as social smartness. When you put equal efforts to know others, understand them and engage with them for different phases in life, success itself will find a way to you.

Most people, in the race, forget to understand people, their teammates, their colleagues who might want to help or contribute. Because they are not given chance. Similarly, people compete with their friends. Instead of giving them a hand, promoting their business, bringing them up, they challenge them.

We become successful when we walk ahead with healthy relationships, kindness, loyalty and empathy. If we cannot understand people around us, or read their minds, then the intelligence and success would look just good to us, but useless to others.

4. Consistency

I think consistency should be our best friend. If it is not there, you will be incomplete. Without the consistent hard work, no success comes easy. You got to get clingy with your dreams to achieve them and that is what is consistency.

If you don’t continuously put in work, get lazy, leave the work on hold, you will not achieve it. Because without a determination, the work remains the work, but with consistent hard work it becomes an achievement.

How To Master Social Intelligence?

Taking care of the wants of the surrounding people is one of the ways to master social intelligence. Other key points may include – respecting gender, respecting cultural differences, showing empathy, understanding human behavior and creating healthier relationships rather enemies.

How To be More Consistent In 2020?

If you say I don’t get enough time to work on my goals then time doesn’t come at your doorstep, you got to walk towards it. You will have to put more time in what you like, then what you don’t because at the end your happiness will be defined by your dreams and not your assignments, workplace or marksheets.

Hence, these are top 4 reasons that I think stops people from reaching the path to success, and those who reach without considering these areas, fail in real life. So, if you want to become successful, higher IQ is not the only requirement but higher EQ, social smartness, consistency, and ability to explore one’s inner world is equally important.

Because without it, you will only look like a knowledgeable, talented person, not a successful person.

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