Doubt Unlocked! Are Symptoms of Pregnancy And Period The Same?

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are symptoms of pregnancy and period the same?

Are symptoms of pregnancy and period the same?

Doubt unlocked! No more confusion.

From similar signs of early pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome, to differences in their symptoms, you will find everything you are looking for.

Just start scrolling and grab the knowledge in detail!

What Is Pms?

A week before or two, you get the signs of your menstrual cycle. It brings about certain changes in mood, physical health, mental well-being or even sometimes in behavior.

These changes may disappear after the period starts. But in the pms state, most women find it harder to cope with it. The daily routine changes, irritation occurs, cravings and also makes one arrogant.

What Is Early Pregnancy?

Early pregnancy occurs on missed periods. In its first stage, it’s quite difficult to figure out whether it is periods or pregnancy. However, you may feel bloated or pukish or have an urge of peeing frequently.

Are Symptoms Of Pregnancy And Period The Same?

In early pregnancy, you may not realize you are pregnant until you do the test or you have noticed missed periods. So yes, in that phase certain signs and symptoms are similar, yet there are lot differences in both the terms if you have unknowingly passed the early pregnancy stage.

Similar Signs of Pregnancy And Period

1. Swollen or Tender Breasts

Swollen breasts are normal before period and after you conceive. Due to a rise in progesterone, your breast may feel tender or sore in touch. It basically regulates the menstrual cycle and prepares the uterus for pregnancy.

2. Weight Gain

Weight gain again are symptoms of pregnancy and period the same.

An under weight person gains weight while over weight people hardly feel an increase in the body. Both before periods and in early pregnancy, you may see a difference in your body.

People who have regular periods may be able to figure out the difference, but people with irregular periods may mistake the symptom of pregnancy as the symptom of periods.

In such cases, taking a home pregnancy test can do the job.

3. Insomnia

Both while pms and during early pregnancy, sleeping disturbances are normal. You may not feel as much sleepy as you do usually. It will have a reflection in your physical health and you may also go through headache, back pain and abdominal cramps.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue is a common sign of your next menstrual cycle. It may go away once the periods start. Similarly, during early pregnancy you may get tiredness due to changed sleep cycle, unhealthy food consumption and an increase in progesterone level.

5. Anxiety

Anxiety, fear, depression all are symptoms of pregnancy and period the same. They are common in both pms and early pregnancy state. You may feel worried, irritated or emotional because of it. And may even cry frequently.

Thus, all the above are symptoms of pregnancy and period the same. They are the similar signs occur before your next menstrual cycle and during early pregnancy. If you have doubt, even the slightest doubt that it could be pregnancy then you must go for home pregnancy test.

However, there are 5 other differences in the signs and symptoms of pregnancy-period that will clear your doubt completely.

Pregnancy Vs Periods – 5 Differences

With many similarities in signs of early pregnancy and period, there are differences that can clear the confusion.

1. Darkening of Areola

In premenstrual syndrome, you will not notice the area around your nipple getting dark. But in early pregnancy, it’s a common sign.

It occurs due to increase level of hormones and generally after a week of conceiving.

2. Acne

Acne are not symptoms of pregnancy and period the same

Women may notice acne on their face during pms. It is a sign of upcoming menstrual cycle, which doesn’t occur in early pregnancy.

Acne generally appears on face, forehead, upper back and upper arms. They may get worse if rubbed or irritated the skin frequently. And may require an acne treatment to get over it.

You can get a moisturizer for an oily and acne prone skin below!

3. Constipation

Woman experiences fluctuated bowl moments mostly in the first trimester, which lasts till the second trimester and appears again in the last.

In the first three months, having constipation is too common which doesn’t happen to all women during pms. It may cause bloating, heavy stomach, uncomfortable bowl moments and irritation due to painful bowl moments.

However, having fresh fruits and vegetables can help you get relief from it.

4. Nausea

Nausea are symptoms of pregnancy and period the same

Nausea before a period is common, but it leaves when periods start. And nausea before periods can also be a cause of early pregnancy as it is a constant sign of pregnancy.

Here you can differentiate it with different factors like missed periods and heightened sense of smell. If you have conceived, you may find few smells uncomfortable to your nose and feel like vomiting.

Constant nausea with or without vomiting is a sign of early pregnancy which begins after two weeks of conception. This may not be difficult for women with regular periods to notice the change but may be for women with irregular periods until they notice it themselves.

5. Intuitions

This is an ultimate sign of your early pregnancy. You may start to feel being pregnant for some obvious reasons. And mostly noticing missed periods can get your intuitions correct. However, clearing doubts are always a good idea. That is why this list is being made so you could clear the confusion in your mind.

Thus, these were the five differences in the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and pms. There may be more but these are the most common symptoms that will clear all the confusion.

Hope I was of some help to you. In case you are looking for a mental health counseling, you can use the below button for booking an appointment.

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