5 Things You Can Learn About Someone In First Easy Meeting!

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Short conversations are tough.

I, too get awkward like you. We frequently fidget around to get over those hard & short conversations. As it comes to even 2 minutes, we find an opportunity to run away.

But the longer conversations engage us. And this is what I am here for. If you haven’t noticed, let me tell you, there are 5 things you can learn about someone in the first meeting. Those five things will either leave you surprised or disappointed.

But will teach you a lesson that whether you should inculcate the values or leave it right there?

5 Things You Can Learn About Someone During The First Meet!

The next time you are meeting someone for the first time, consider observing these things –

The Gesture

Gestures are attractive to me. I can’t say how far do you notice them, but they convey a message about the person.

You will meet people who will bring a smile to your face even before a fulfilling conversation. Like the way they greet, smile or their actions and reactions.

While some people will give you negative and aggressive vibes. You wouldn’t want to continue communicating with them. You will either call them as too straight forward or the rude one.

The judgments you make about them are the useful things to learn. You have to see the things you need to take from them and the things to exclude. And making sure you behave just the same – not considering their good or disappointing gestures.

We often change our tone, nature and behavior with people to match their tone, nature and behavior. The good ones will appreciate, whereas matching actions with disappointing gestures will make you no less of the person they are.

Communication Style

Some people are too quiet while some are talkative. When you will meet different kinds of people, you will notice how quiet people can be sincere, thoughtful whereas, talkative people a little insensible. And sometimes, just the opposite.

So, while having a conversation if you notice the communication style of the person, you will learn his/her perspective towards life. No matter whether he/she is too talkative or talks when required.

The perspective will show the openness of the mind. You will come to know the thoughts they carry. Plus, you will know the level of confidence they have in regard to the mindset they carry.

And the kind of mindset will teach you certain lessons. Maybe you will love the way they think or hate the way they communicate. May even realize that they aren’t good communicators. Basically, you will learn the kind of talks you like, the kinds of communicating style you like.

Don’t Trust The Sweetness

People try to impress us. Their actions, their actual behavior and habits will differ, but they will make sure they impress you in the first go.

Rarely people show their self, even when you are completely a stranger to them. So, if you meet someone who seems to be too sweet, don’t trust. Give it a good time. Know them more. If you aren’t planning to meet again, be happy about the way they behaved but don’t trust it for forever.

If they are somebody you are going to meet every day or too frequently, try spending good hours with them, know them, give them a chance to know you and see whether the same behavior lasts that long.

A person cannot keep trying to impress you, they will show you their real self. When you realize they have always been real to you, they will start gaining your trust. But give it a good time.

What Do They Consider Sharing?

Some people will be too open. Even in the first conversation, they will talk about everything. And some people will be too reserved. They will speak only when you ask, yet won’t answer completely.

Sometimes, the open people will only talk about themselves and sometimes some people will talk about others too. So, these differences will teach you who you can rely on and who you can trust.

Because you are meeting them for the first, you need to know whether they are worthy enough of your further attention.


Observe whether they have a respectful tone or not to everyone around them, just not you.

If you ask to pay for anything, how do they react? Whether they try to pay or suggest some contribution or let you pay completely. See what do they think about equality and superiority.

Are they punctual and true to their word? Appreciates you for waiting for them? Or doesn’t even apologize for being late.

A respectful person is always making sure you don’t get hurt. They will appreciate every meeting with you for giving them your precious time. And make sure you respect back too, just as you will want them to. Even if they aren’t respectful towards you.

These lessons will strengthen you as a person. It will teach you about different kinds of people and their habits. Plus, you will learn what kind of people you like.

Personal growth is essential. If you invest your energy in developing yourself, you are utilizing the time that could have gone wasted. And once you improve, you will be proud of yourself.

So, these were the 5 things you can learn about someone in the first meeting.

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