Mindset Is Everything – #1 Guide To A Better Life

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Mindset, the new psychology of success, is actually creating a difference in the world.

People with wider opinions and perspectives are finding themselves happy, content and in peace.

I don’t say mindset is everything for a saying. It changes one’s point of view towards his life.

If we say, ‘I will fail if I don’t pray’ our mind is directed towards failure. Praying because you want to, and you want to serve the God has a difference, than praying because you want to score good.

The mindset plays a vital role in each of our lives. Mindset works and bring the results. If you think Men are superior, they are meant to earn a living for the family and are not supposed to cry, then you won’t let a woman feel equal to you but inferior to you. You won’t let her work, but cook for you. You won’t cry, but it’s okay to make her cry.

That’s just how the mindset works.

There are types of mindsets. Each mindset works to bring different results. Whatever you do, you say, or you think is a result of your perspective. If you think negative, the negative will happen. If you think positive, positive will happen.

That’s why we say, ‘you become what you think’. So, think wisely because mindset matters.

Types of Mindsets – Mindset Is Everything

The types of mindsets are – growth mindset and fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset are when a person is taught to explore and learn. A kid in his childhood, when taught to make mistakes, he attracts a growth mindset.

He is not afraid of failure. Rather he looks forward to a new task so, he can learn all that is put in front of him.

Let’s say I fumbled on the stage. Everybody is staring at me. They are waiting for me to continue. But I am blank and has forgotten everything I had to speak. But, I will take it up as a challenge and try speaking.

I will speak whatever comes in my mind, or I will step back honestly. I won’t worry about the judgements’ everybody’s going to pass, but I will look forward to another stage show, so I can show my better self. So that I can correct what went wrong. And learn from my mistakes.

Basically, I am always wanting to learn, explore, enjoy every new experience, so I can become strong and better.

Fixed Mindset

While, on the other hand, its fixed mindset.

Fixed mindset examples are –

  • Discouraging oneself because of your past
  • Thinking you are worthless because somebody made you feel so
  • Why should I do that? Because you haven’t done that before
  • Fear of making mistakes, fear of judgements because you were told to live up to expectations

When a kid is asked to score 90% in an examination inspite of his ability to score that much, the kid attracts a fixed mindset. He believes that if he doesn’t score 90%, the society will not accept him.

He will be compared with other kids. While other kids will become everybody’s favorite. And be it a kid or an adult, the fixed mindset hinders the success.

As I said, mindset is everything. Mindset is everything meaning – your mind works in a direction where your opinions does. If in your opinion women are egoistic. You will not accept any of their opinions, even if they are right because you think they are saying things out of ego.

The mindset is everything. No matter what you do, it is the result of your mindset.

Your success is completely dependent on the perspective you keep. And your failure.

If you degrade yourself, or feel you are more and bigger than others or that you are lower and inferior to others or that you have to be kind and down to earth, then your mind will direct you to become what you think.

So, better direct your mind and not let mind instruct you. Because at the end mindset matters. Hope this helped you.

Well, what mindset do you have? – growth mindset or fixed mindset? Let me know in the comment section below. And in case you are looking for guidance or a session, you may book it below.

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