5 Psychological Facts About Dreams

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A dream is ultimately an everyday excitement in our lives. It played a significant role in people’s life back then in 3100 BC. Every government decisions were based on the real meaning of the dreams.

Slowly and gradually, it became even exciting and mysterious for all of us. A lot of us don’t know the psychological facts about dreams, but we do look for its meaning.

Still people go to consultants and experts to find out the mystery behind their recent dream. Some take life decisions on the interpretation of what they saw. Because humans think dreams are the messages of god. It’s the universal sign to do something you aren’t sure about.

It’s a fact that many artists and scientists were inspired from their dreams. Their ideas hit their audience which they received in their sleep and changed people’s perspective towards the world.

But now all the facts are based on psychology and not based on the mindset of the people.

5 Psychological Facts About Dreams

Your Most Dreams Our Negative

Dreams usually convey more negative emotions than positive. You will experience anxiety, fear or even rejection. But people do consider this fact as one of the myths about dreams.

However, it’s true. Your most dreams will be based on negative incidents or thoughts.

Women Too Get Wet Dreams

Women have wet dreams in 20s. But one of the myths about dreams is that only men can have wet dreams.

Some women can experience wet dreams everyday. They can even orgasm when seeing a sexual dream. But they won’t accept this fact.

Blind People See Images In Their Dream

One of the psychological facts about dreams is also that blind people too dream. The people who turned blind after their birth can see images in their sleep. However, people who were born blind can feel the dream through their senses – sound, emotions, touch and smell.

You Only Remember 10% Of Your Dreams

5 minutes after you wake up, you will forget half of your dream. So If you wish to share it with others, your dream will vanish by then.

Sujay Kansagra expressed to Healthline – “And, if our need to dream is any indication of the brain participating in a restorative process, our inability to remember our dreams may simply be due to the sorting of essential and nonessential information during sleep.”

You can’t figure out the important part of the dream and so you forget the entire one.

Men And Women Have Different Dreams

Another psychological facts about dreams is that both men and women see different dreams.

A man will see other men while they are dreaming. They tend to have more aggressive dreams than women do. They will have scenarios and situations which consists of other men. Whereas, a woman dream equally about men and women.

Why Do We Dream About Falling?

Generally, when we are stressed and anxious we experience nightmares. When we dream about falling, it’s because of the negative thoughts about our life and ourselves.

Some people even acknowledge the fact that they dream of child falling from building. It’s actually because of some past incidents, or childhood memories that occur in a form of a nightmare or a falling dream.

But there’s no serious reason to it. So, if you dream of falling too often, you need to encourage stress-less life where you inspire yourself, hold a control of your life and not discourage yourself.

There are actually lot many facts about dreams. But these 5 psychological facts about dreams are something untold and unknown. Not everyone has an idea about it, and people who know thinks it’s a myth.

If you also know some creepy facts about dreams, let us know in the comment section below.

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