6 Sleep Hygiene Tips – Now Sleep Peacefully!

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Not many people are found with healthy sleeping habits.

Now during COVID-19, the ratio must have increased.

Having the complete 7-8 hours of sleep is still a dream to many and it can do wonders to both physical and mental health if followed the sleep hygiene tips regularly.

I, from my end, is making sure to help you in any manner possible. This article will include 6 tips on how to sleep through the night, so your energy throughout the day can improve.

Why Is Sleep Hygiene Important

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A good sleep can decrease a lot many diseases. Stress, anxiety, depression can be the few reasons for not having the proper sleeping schedule. If proper sleeping pattern is followed, it can lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, etc. 1

Sleep hygiene plays a vital role in maintaining a good mental and physical health. If you are unable to sleep through the night every day, there can be chances of early death, bad health and continues unproductiveness.

5 Sleep Hygiene Tips

1. Set Yourself Free

I get what keeping things inside you can do to your health and your sleep.

It’s hard to let it out what’s bothering us. We wouldn’t want to talk about it to even close ones because of the fear of judgement. That would eventually lead to unhealthy sleeping patterns.

Good sleep is a part of a healthy life. If that part is missing, the life can seem empty and miserable.

You would feel lonely and stressed. You would keep looking at screens even after being tired, won’t talk much, and you will try sleeping at any hour of the day.

Now, I would want you to talk about everything that bothers you. If not a friend, then a stranger.

We meet best people when we explore and set ourselves free. It’s not a bad idea to text a stranger, to start a conversation at public places or to seek help or attention.

We all need peace of mind and you may take initiative to keep up with your mental health. You may not trust in the one go and share your deepest secrets, but you will feel better by atleast having a conversation.

So, let it all out whatever is bothering you. It will improve your sleep patterns.

2. Screen Time

While you are sleepy, try not to take the support of screens to fall asleep.

A lot of us watch videos or read contents before falling asleep to relieve the entire day work stress. But the fact we don’t know is, it can destroy our good eyesight and ruin our sleeping patterns.

That is why most people find it difficult to reach places on time. Because they are unable to do their things on time, or sleep on time to have a healthy lifestyle.

Few people even use phones in the bed to forget about the hard days they are going through. They don’t feel like sleeping. They would just want to scroll through the social media which would leave them feeling more upset.

It’s better to keep the screens aside before 5-10 minutes so you can fall asleep on its own.

When your mind is free, when you are satisfied enough in yourself, you can sleep faster and better.

3. Meditation

I always get this question in my dms.

How to sleep better at night naturally?

And the best answer to it is meditation. Meditation is the ultimate solution to your stress, anxiety and unhealthy sleeping patterns.

It has the power to make you calm. If you can’t trust humans for your happiness, I would want you to start meditating as it can do wonders to one’s mind

You will feel calm and relaxed. Let it be whatever reason for not getting good sleep, meditation can help you improve it.

Below I am sharing one of my favourite meditation music.

4. Food For Good Sleep

Sleep hygiene tips, the biting truth,

Food leaves a great impact on your sleeping patterns.

Now the point is, are you having the right food or not?

If you have bad eating habits and having too much unhealthy food can leave you restless and there can be chances of physical health issues.

This will impact your sleeping routine. You will stay awake more often due to uneasiness. To avoid such issues, having the right food to boost your sleep is important.

Such as, bananas, kiwi fruit, oily fish, milk, can help you boost your sleep. 2

5. Drinks

Caffeinated drinks should be considered from 10 am to 12pm. After 12pm it can have bad effects on the body. Especially before bed can be harmful.

The habit of drinking coffee every night or during work load can leave you more stressed. Once the work-load is over and you continue to drink coffee, you may find regular difficulty in falling asleep.

So, avoid having it in the evening or before bed.

6. Cosy Environment

Personally, I feel cosy rooms are best to fall asleep faster. It is one of the recommended sleep hygiene tips.

If you invest time in doing your bed before sleeping and after waking up, it can bring healthy changes in your life.

And cosiness also comes from the time you invest in creating the environment. Like, keeping the bedroom quiet, dark, putting scents that can help your mind stay calm.

It will help you for longer run and you will not face sleeping disorders.

So, these were the 6 sleep hygiene tips that I would want you to follow to fall asleep faster and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

We all dream of a better life. But some phases can make us stay up too late. To not let the habit continue, these steps can help you.

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