Is It Possible To Live A Normal Life And Never Tell A Lie?

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is it possible to live a normal life and never tell a lie

“No one is perfect, that is why pencils have erasers”Unknown.

Then how is it possible to live a normal life and never tell a lie?

If I tell you I look like a human, but I am not. Would you believe me?

There’s no sense to it. Likely, when it comes to living a perfect life without telling a lie is definitely not possible.

But ever wondered why a human cannot go without lying? What’s so much in it that it slips out of the mouth and everybody believes it?

Well, it’s not too late to get the answers. Just keep scrolling down. 

1. Lies to save oneself

Commonly people lie to save themselves from the torture, hurt, heartbreaks, etc. And these are again accompanied by another lie to not get caught for the first one.

2. To Gain Attention

Most people lie about incidents to gain sympathy, attention and love since they feel nobody loves them and it is the only way to get it.

3. Lies In Anusual Group Of Friends

To build a relationship with group members, without being judged, often people try to fake who they are not just to fit in the group.

4. Lying In Relationships

We come across so many people who are different in nature, character, habits, behavior and most important in expectations. When we have completely known our partner, we lie about things that they wouldn’t like, which might hurt them, may create a fight, or we may lose them. 

5. Lies In Their Resume

Often people, in utmost need of work either lie about their achievements or skills to get recruited for the position.

6. Lying To Parents

Kids aren’t trained. Their behaviors are the result of what they acquire from the surrounding. If they see an adult lying, they will consider lying a normal behavior. Similarly, goes with teenagers. If their parents do not allow them for certain things, they will start lying. They will think parents are orthodox, they don’t understand so, the best way to get anything is to lie. 

7. Extra Marital Affairs

When individuals lose interest in their partner, they get attracted to another individual. To not break hearts, to not let it come out, or to not ruin the reputation, they keep it confidential.  

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How Is It Possible To Live A Normal Life And Never Tell A Lie?

How is it possible to live a normal life and never tell a lie when lying itself is a part of a life?

There’s not a single soul who never lied in his entire life. It’s completely a myth. But if we look to bad parts and good parts then we can say that some people have lied for good. But again lying is lying. It cannot be undone. So, living a perfect life without lying is definitely not possible.

Here are some common reasons for why a human cannot live without lying.

  • To not get rejected
  • To not feel abandoned
  • For not coming in a bad guy face
  • For feeling a sense of love from somebody they wouldn’t get naturally
  • So, they can hide the bitter truth of their life
  • To not let their partner or friends or anybody come to know some phases, some incidents that they wouldn’t be comfortable telling about. 
is it possible to live a normal life and never tell a lie

However, you can still live a further life without lying, but how?

What’s done cannot be undone, but can be improved right? I always believe in confessions and honesty so, in times when I have to lie or I find lying the best thing, I confess about it the moment I feel its become too heavy to hold on, or to add up a new lie to hide the previous one.

Confession makes a person loyal, brings you closer and gives you an opportunity to improve something that has gone wrong.

Not everybody meets  a person who would understand every part of them so, they find lying an easy escape. But if you choose to be honest, tell the truth, and confess about the past, you might not fear telling the truth the next time. Because then the other person will start understanding every situation of your lives that you thought he/she may not before lying. 

Basically, you will only encounter the best of the other person when you will be honest with him/her. Otherwise, doubts and trust issues are always ruining relationships – be it any.

So, improving yourself is the only option to live a further, perfect life. And turn, ‘Is it possible to live a normal life and never tell a lie ?’ to ‘how can I live a further life without lying?’.

It will make lot more sense.

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