What Do You Contribute To Society? Right Things To Do Today

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what do you contribute to society

Do you ever wonder how much a kid’s action matter in the house? Most of the kids show up doing things that we laugh in joy and say words like, ‘see how sensible the kid is?’ They excite every member in the house with one action and don’t understand how. 

Similarly, when we talk about contributing to society, we consider ourselves as an average person whose actions wouldn’t matter since we have to invest more of our time in earning for the family, unlike to those who are rich enough to manage such responsibilities.

But, what do you contribute to society is not judged by how well settled you are, but what kind of person you are. 

It’s hard to believe but, we all are influencing the society. What matters is whether we contribute positively or negatively. And it doesn’t consider whether you contribute less or more.

This article, specifically shows the ways to contribute to society for you to know whether you are influencing positively or negatively, as sometimes a mature person can go wrong somewhere and a kid can teach the greatest lesson of life. So, do not ever underestimate yourself.

Let’s see what do you contribute to society from  10 ways listed below.

10 Ways To Contribute To Society

1. Do You Pick Up That Fallen Part of Your Food?

what do you contribute to society

I am sure wastage is the most essential part of everybody’s life. I have seen people leaving their plates half full, not picking up the fallen part and sometimes walk on them, knowingly.

If you are doing this in front of people, then you know what are your ways to influence others. And it’s not about only doing in front of people, this is what your kids, your friends, and your siblings will take from you and they are equally contributing to society.

  • Try to finish food from your plate
  • Pick up what falls down 
  • If you are not comfortable eating the fallen part, keep it in a corner where nobody steps on it
  • Teach every member in your house to not waste food
  • And only take more if you can complete it

2. Do You Smile When You See People?

It is considered as one of the kindest acts. I, personally, feel really grateful when somebody I don’t talk to many smiles at me for it shows how kind the person is. And smile is not only the kindest acts.

There are so many that you should adapt in yourself for we are an equal part of the society, and we don’t know who is acquiring our habits and who is judging our qualities. 

3. Improve Your Communication Skills

People are unable to make others understand their points, do you think communication skills shouldn’t matter?

What you say, how do you say makes a lot of difference in the society as people show concerns with taunts and love without expressing.

And so many people hurt others because of their harsh words which they thought was a motivation.

  • Motivate calmly if somebody goes wrong, rather hurting their egos
  • Express what you feel than suppressing it
  • Talk about things that matters, without shame
  • Show kind gestures, have a smile on your lips, open doors for strangers, and be there for everyone.

4. Help Others

Directing people towards the right path is tough. We take no efforts to help others in need. Forget about your close ones, but people who you are not so close with.

Being always there for others, helping them improve, not become selfish, letting others climb up, is the right way to contribute to society. 

That too will be considered when you will adapt these qualities, practice them and influence people unknowingly, for there are too many fakes to include you in the gang. 

5. Drive Safe

It’s equally important to think about yourself as you should do for others. And driving safe will not only help you live more but others as well. You cannot decide the speed of the other person, but you can decide yours definitely. So, it would be better to carry a helmet, drive slow, and remember all those who love you unconditionally and all those you love unconditionally. 

6. Be An Inspiration To Young Minds

  • Direct youngsters toward a right path
  • Be a helping hand
  • Help them with their queries
  • Don’t support others in threatening kids
  • Share with them your experiences
  • Try to keep them close and learn from them as well
  • For the more you will be there for them, the more they will be there for you and learn to be there for others as well. 

7. Donate Blood

Most people when fall ill do not find a blood donor. They seek help, request people, yet not many responses they get. Specially if the blood group is not rare to find. At such situations you may be of help to others or recommend them somebody who they are looking for.

If you start donating, the help takers will not hesitate to help others in need as well. Well, donating a blood is a great job which you should do it frequently and influence others to do it too. 

8. Make A Contribution During Crises

One of the important ways to contribute to society is also to make contribution during crises. A small amount may help the lives survive.

We face many challenges every day in the society and so others. At such times – like COVID-19 so many NGOs, organizations and foundations are raising fund to help the needy.

Just think how much your small contribution will make a difference to them, their organizations and the lives of people for whom the contribution is made.

9. Educate Yourself

Education brings healthy change in the society. Your knowledge will help others enhance their lives, encourage a better lifestyle, motivate them to be the change maker, and most important your education will teach you and others how to respect the society, its norms, principles and its people. And will stop letting your inner self question you, ‘what do you contribute to society?’

10. Respect Every Perspective

Respecting others’ perspectives will give you an opportunity to know the differences in ways to look at the world and that will teach you something that you may not have learned from your education.

And you will be respected back for what you think about things, about the world and about the people since relationships always stand on give and take norms, if you fail to do your part, you will not get what you expect. 

However, the ways to contribute to society are never less. There must be so many more to give back to the society.  But I have listed above only the top ways that may help you contribute positively.

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