How To Stop Feeling Worthless In 4 Steps

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how to stop feeling worthless

Everybody’s trying to put everybody down. Everybody would want to pull others’ legs, but nobody would ever want to teach how to stop feeling worthless.

The more people are surrounded by negativity, the more negativity they spread. And we become the victim. Because they shoot the same negativity on us making us feel a complete useless.

Almost for fifteen to sixteen years I thought I was worthless. I wanted to be like everybody who seemed all-rounder. I wanted to be like friends who were pretty, wore fancy clothes and had an amazing accent.

A lot of my friends were too talented or maybe seemed like one. They didn’t in any manner made me feel that I was less than them or I cannot be friends with them. But I, in myself, started thinking that these people are much better than me because they were scoring good and knew to communicate good.

Recently, when I had a visit to a junior school for a small session, I met with a kid who told me the same things that I was experiencing few years back. At that moment, I realized that there are so many students and adults who have low selfworth just because of a mindset.

That is why I have specially written this article, so I can make you aware about how to stop feeling worthless. Because all of us are either feeling the same or have been fed negative messages in our minds.

So, to help you treat yourself better, here are 4 steps that will increase a sense of selfworth in you and will improve your confidence as well.

How To Stop Feeling Worthless?

1. Parents habit of comparing

So many parents have the habit of comparing their children with their neighbor’s or friend’s children. They ask their kids to admire those children who are loved by all.

See, every kid is different in its own. But children in their young age do not realize their worth. It is parents who shape their destiny and if they are comparing them with others than the child may agree to their statement for the rest of his life.

How to stop feeling worthless in this situation?

If you are the one who was compared by your parents, make sure to not carry the same with your children, instead make them learn how different they are from others. They wouldn’t feel worthless ever.

If you are in your matured age and is still compared by your parents, make them realize how paying attention to your interests than other’s can help you grow better.

If you are in your matured age, and your parents are orthodox, learn the art of letting go. Even if you try to make them understand that you are different, they wouldn’t listen to you until you achieve something that makes you different from others.

In such situations, practicing mindfulness can help you. You have to start to let go what your parents or anyone is expecting from you and devotedly start to focus on what you want to do.

When you will stand strict on your decisions, for yourself, the results will surely prove them wrong. If you fail, you will learn from your mistakes. Atleast you will not have anybody to blame.

Nobody decides our worth, but our willingness to put as many efforts we can in something that we want to become, that we want to have or like.

How to stop feeling worthless, low selfworth

2. Failure in relationships (parental role, daughter/son, friendship)

You may feel difficult to overcome hard situations at some point in your life. What happens is we do not meet the expectation of other people in the relationship. That starts to make one feel low and selfish.

When these feelings increase because of the continuous fight, harsh words, and arrogance between friends, parents, or partners, one starts to feel worthless.

Individuals think that they aren’t doing enough for the person. They think that they should change themselves to meet their expectations. This trial error journey doesn’t let them love themselves and continues failure in making relationship work, they start feeling worthless.

How to stop feeling worthless in this situation?

You cannot change the other person, their expectations and their behavior. You need to know that this is how they are. If you keep on changing your perception to meet theirs, you may continuously feel worthless.

Be who you are. Give the other person opportunity to know you better. Communicate as much as you can about your way of thinking. As most of the fight occurs due to difference in perception and nobody wants to agree with another.

You can convert an argument into a healthy discussion using – (you are right but…), (I agree but this can also be like…)

When an argument turns into a discussion, there are more chances of knowing each other better and respecting each other’s point of view.

How to stop feeling worthless in relationship

3. Different Standard Groups

People meet different people at different stages of their lives. While they interact with them all, they acquire their opinions.

In other words, individuals start to think as per others’ perspective. When they think as per other’s point of view, they find themselves less. They start to admire them more than themselves and create opinions about them.

So, when they create opinions about others, they make categories in their mind that high standard group is too mean and middle-class group is too genuine.

Accordingly, this leads to a mindset where they find themselves in the genuine category who cannot compete the mean category.

How to stop feeling worthless in this situation?

Learn to be-friend with every age/standard group.

Communicate with everyone before passing judgments.

Allow them to see your opinions, how do you think and how much you respect theirs.

Interact with them as you are of their standards and contribute to your community. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy expensive stuff and show-off. Instead, have a mindset that makes you of high standard so you do not feel worthless

Consider everyone equal.

Remember that people cannot stop talking. When they do not have anything to talk about, they will talk about you. So, you need to decide what kind of topic you are going to give them to talk about.

And it will lead you towards positive mindset and decrease health crisis.

Feeling worthless in different standard groups

4. Health Issues

Health issue is the common cause of feeling worthless. When an individual stay too unhealthy, weak and sick, he starts to feel that he is not being productive. This, on the other hand, leads to mental illness, suicide attempt, depression and anxiety.

Individuals stop meeting their friends, attending public events, behave unusual and isolate themselves because of their sickness. They think that their illnesses are increasing too much, and they are becoming worthless.

This sometimes also results in eating disorder and may require depression counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy or other relevant professional treatments.

How to stop feeling worthless in this situation?

Overthinking will not give you better results but lead you in danger

Remember that patience brings better days faster

Remember that your sickness will not disappear because of your feeling of worthlessness. You need to work hard to better your health

Improve your physical health, encourage yourself to be more active physically to decrease sickness and mental health issues

People who you expect to check on you may not always be there, you need to start practicing gratitude, be wholeheartedly thankful for everything, have patience, work on yourself because without you trying to improve yourself, nothing’s going to work.

So, these were the four steps to stop feeling worthless and improve your mental health and wellbeing. I also provide counseling. If you are looking for online counseling, you can use the below button to reach out to me.

Have a good day. Leave a comment and let us know your feedback if you found this helpful.

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