How Does Parents Fighting Affect A Teenager? 2020

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Thousands of relationships get successful every day. The love goes beyond anything and everything to be with each other. However, the one thing that never changes is the decrease in fights.

How does parents fighting affect a teenager? Remains unanswered.

This lovey-dovey relationship when changes to parental responsibilities, Parents Fighting becomes an obstacle between the couples and their kids.

Most of the children stay depressed because of parental fights. And a lot of them think that the reason behind their fights is them.

Now tell me, would you want your children to think that they are the reason behind your fights? Of course, not! Then why would you not talk about it to them immediately after they start noticing you both fighting?

Parental fights are normal and very common. But if it is affecting your child’s mental health, then you need to work on it.

Here are five impacts of parents physically fighting in front of child.

How Does Parents Fighting Affect A Teenager?

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Children are too sensitive to let go of things.

Especially when they are in their adolescents and teenagers’ stage, it becomes difficult for them to take things in the right way. And it leads to mental illnesses and several other problems.

1. Increase In Behavioral Problem

Parents fighting may be normal, but when teenagers overhear you fighting every single day, they unknowingly acquire your habits, used words, and actions during a fight.

Also, their frustration level increases when they continuously notice you all fighting. So, when they see the continuous fights happening in the house, they become habitual to arrogance, ego, irritation and rudeness within them.

Their relationships with friends, teachers and other fellow schoolmates becomes hard to maintain. As a result, they may face a hard time adjusting to school, colleges, and social events.

2. Social Anxiety

Social anxiety has become a common disease in every teenager these days. And that comes from parents fighting over things that wouldn’t matter in the next five to ten years.

Teenagers isolate themselves, do not go out and prevent themselves from public events because they are too tensed about parents fighting all the time.

We do not think about the effects of parents arguing in front of child before using harsh words, actions and making situations weird every other day.

It’s not an issue to fight, but it’s an issue if it is affecting your children. You need to keep up with their things, ask them to go out, make friends, overthink less and participate in social events.

The more they will stay away from toxic situations; their social life will be far better than what is it today.

3. Addiction Problems

The teenage phase is such a phase where individuals do not realize what mistakes they are making. And you cannot stop them because they find themselves grown enough to do things on their own.

So many parents who fight every day have addicted children. They weren’t born addicted obviously, but parental fight issues did.

Teenagers get addicted to smoking, drugs, alcohol, binge drinking, and marijuana which leads to severe mental illness, depression and eating disorders.

When teenagers go in deep depression due to parental fights, remember there’s no easy way to bring them out of it.

Moreover, their future won’t be an easy task for them to handle. Especially when it comes to relationships and parental journey.

They will tend to face difficulties maintaining their relationships with spouse, family and their children. And it may happen that their parental journey becomes similar to yours.

4. May Often Remain Sick

It’s common for teenagers to go through physical pain because of tension, the stress of family, friendship, and romantic relationships. It’s better to check on them regularly, give them attention so their headaches, body ache, and eye stretches do not affect them in the future.

These problems may lead to higher eye numbers, understanding problems, attention disorders, and sleeping issues.

5. Gets Negative About Life and Relationships

Teenagers start to find relationships as toxic parts of life. Most of them talk about not getting married because of their parents fighting all the time.

I have a friend who keeps saying no to get married for people in relationships are always fighting. She thinks men are the cause in the relationship and it affects everybody in the family. That is why she is not fine with getting married to any men which is a serious issue.

Now there’s nothing else that can be done as she’s already become so negative about it.

Their romantic relationship also keeps failing because of the situations they have seen in the house. And avoid making friends and getting close to people.

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How to deal with children affected by parents fighting all the time?

1. Family Events

Because of fights and issues, we tend to ignore the other person in events and family meets. The child notices everything remember, and they tend to be close more to only one parent, so when you do this, they will have a wrong image of the other parent in their eyes and this happens mostly with fathers.

It is better to avoid your personal issues outside the house and away from teenagers when they are around. This way you will prevent them from your own personal issues and it wouldn’t affect them that much.

2. Maturity In Situations

What happens is, when it comes to us, we get angrier because of the other parent’s behavior.

But that makes you all get into a serious fight. If the serious fight is being watched by your children, do not expect them to be calm about it. Sometimes even they start to use harsh words and actions on one of the parents for getting mad at another parent, which becomes too hard to resolve.

It would be better to stay quiet, listen to drama, or go and sit in another room to avoid fighting in front of your children. This will also make your children learn how to be patient and let go of unnecessary things.

3. Protect your children from watching violence

A lot of times children find movies and television shows related because of violence shown by the makers. Even when it happens in the house, it leads to mental illnesses.

It is your responsibility to protect your children from such situations so that it doesn’t affect their future and parental journey because you will be responsible for whatever happens in their further life.

This is all you can do to deal with your children to prevent them from getting affected and ruining their own teenage life which is very-very important phase of their lives.

“Teenage is a crucial phase, if you fail to give them attention, they wouldn’t keep up with you as much as they should” Rukayya Zirapur

How to talk to your child about parents fighting?

  • Let them know that fighting is common
  • Do not tell them negative about another parent
  • Tell them to not have a wrong image of another parent
  • Sit with them and share about your issues, not all but things that they can understand
  • Aware them about long-term effects of parents fighting
  • Let them know that they are allowed to help you up with your parental issues
  • Talk about relationship importance
  • Talk about parental journey and issues that might have to face
  • Give them solutions and tips over relationships, future, and career
  • Teach them the art of letting go and the importance of patience
  • Tell them that in no way your fights are related to them, so they don’t need to blame themselves for it.
How does Parents fighting affect a teenager, anxiety caused by parents

And that’s how you can make your children’s future better. Parents are the role models for their kids, do not ever let the bad role of you make an impact on your child otherwise you know what is going to happen to their future.

So, It’s better to be aware of it than regretting later.

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