9 Deeni Products For Your Child’s Growth

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Children are finding it difficult to pass the days. Kids who are too small to even go to schools haven’t seen an outside world. Days have become so tough, we are running out of activities to keep them engaged and build up their knowledge.

Deeni Products for your child, from Minds and Hearts is an initiative by Khadija Electricwala to build a strong deeni foundation in young mumin so that they withstand duniyae storm, and they won’t go astray because their hold on deen will be very strong and healthy.

There are 9 products and each one comes with benefits. All of them are designed manually at home keeping in mind the needs and interest of the child. You can go through the list below to find the best suited one.

We have collaborated to help as many kids possible in building their strong deeni foundation from early age.

Here are the 9 Deeni Products for Your Child

1. Arabic Huroof Flashcards

Flashcards have always been an important aid in teaching-learning process.

They work best when it comes to teaching a child important concepts.

Arabic Huroof Flashcards are Arabic letters with English pronunciation to make the learning process easier and better. The cards include pictures with their names in Arabic which can be used as an introductory tool to existing things in the world.

Here are the key features –

  • Comes with English pronunciation
  • It is durable
  • Keeps the child engaged
  • You can carry them anywhere
  • Made to improve vocabulary
  • Comes with related pictures
  • Age 3+

2. Arabic Numbers Flashcards

As I mentioned earlier, flashcards are an effective visual aid to help kids learn faster and better.

These cards can be used to teach your children deeni taalim in a fun yet interesting manner.

Arabic Numbers Flashcards include English numbers as well. Since kids are more familiar with English numbers, these cards can help them learn the Arabic numbers.

Additionally, it’s an anytime activity to keep the child engaged, where he is also learning new things every day.

Here are the key features –

  • Set of 11 cards
  • Light in weight
  • Carries attractive illustration
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Improves pronunciation
  • Improves mathematical concepts
  • Promotes enhancement and self-growth

3. Panjatan Paak (as)

Panjatan Paak (as) booklets are created for 2+ and 5+ age children. These booklets carry Panjatan Paak (as) names in Arabic and English both.

The 2+ age booklet carries only names in Arabic and English keeping their intake in mind. Whereas the 5+ age booklet even includes information about Panjatan Paak (as) so kids can know who they were and what they did for Islaam.

The best thing is the two types – 2+ and 5+ age group so children can learn as per their capability.

4. Shapes Flashcards

Shapes broaden the learning process.

Being able to recognize different shapes and being able to use them in their daily activities gives children more confident in life. They will go from only identifying the object to identifying them with their shapes. For example, going from ‘a tasbeeh box’ to ‘a round tasbeeh box’.

Even the activities increases once kids learn to recognize shapes. They can be engaged in different-different activities every time they are bored.

Key Features –

  • Interesting Pictures
  • Different shapes with different colors
  • Light in weight
  • Pocket friendly
  • Fun filled and engaging
  • Gives a kid more opportunities to look at the world differently

5. ‘Find The One’ Booklet

‘Find the one’ booklet is an interesting product from Minds And Hearts.

The booklet includes an odd one out activity. The kid is supposed to find the one as per the question asked.

Odd one out activity aims at promoting discussion, observation and encouraging wider perspective towards life. It also leads to deeper learning.

The contexts presented in this booklet include animals, foods, buildings, etc.

Key Features –

  • Age 3+
  • Language development
  • Improves vocabulary
  • Helps to build words
  • Helps identify words and sounds
  • Encourages creativity
  • Cognitive development
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Helps develop problem-solving and investigating skills

6. Word Family Rhyme Booklet

This one is the old man out version of the word family rhymes.

Rhymes are a great way of introducing children to a wide range of words, emotions and similar sounds.

This can help them create poems, stanzas and two line write-ups.

The interesting part is, they have to find the odd man out. There are 10 pages, each page contains 4 images. 3 images from the rhyming word family and 1 odd man out.

Key features –

  • Eye hand coordination
  • Improves motor skills
  • Language development
  • Cognitive development
  • Improves problem-solving skills

7. Week Days Flashcards

Week Days Flashcards are both in English and Arabic.

Now you can teach days of the week easily to your kids using these flashcards. Before you were teaching them to learn Sunday, now you can add up Al’ahad as well so that their deeni taalim would be encouraged too.

The best thing is, they come with English script for easy pronunciation. Additionally, few concepts are also being introduced with few days of the week. Moreover, this one of the best-selling products under 9 deeni products for your child from Minds and Hearts.

Key features –

  • Helps in association
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Helps in creativity
  • Learns new concepts
  • Boosts imagination

8. Months Flashcards

Month Flashcards are both sided. In front, you will find Gregorian calendar and on back is Arabic calendar. Teach your children both simultaneously. Lay a strong foundation for deeni taalim.

Below are the list of benefits kids can get from these cards –

  • Learning seasons
  • Learning festive months
  • Importance of each month
  • Remembering birthday months
  • To-do things in each month

9. Bead String

Bead play is not only wonderful for developing essential fine motor skills, but it can be also be used to introduce a variety of concepts like colors, shapes, alphabets and counting.

Children are fond of new and unique products. Bead string will grab their attention through its look. It will help them discover more things and learn more things at the same time.

It is light so you can carry anywhere anytime. I would suggest you to give this one a try, your kid will enjoy playing with it.

Kids are hard to please. You do whatever you can, they will still look for interesting stuff. These deeni products from Minds and Hearts will help you keep them engage and build their deeni foundation as well.

As I had a talk with Khadija Ben, I also came to know how she invested all her time making these products, so she could keep her kid engaged and learning. I am sure, these will help your kids too.

Have a good day 🙂

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