What are the greatest lessons of failure?

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Every successful person talks about his failure, but nobody talks about why failure is important? People are growing from little to huge and are still afraid of, ‘What if I fail?’.

There are 7 important lessons that we learn from failure, but before that let me tell you why failure is important.

Do you know why babies do not get tired of falling and trying and failing and trying?

It is because the lord is encouraging them to learn to not give up.  From the time of your birth, till you die, you are being taught a lesson that becomes ignorant. We often say that babies do not know what they are doing but it’s actually what they gain from their surroundings. Failure has always been a part of our lives.
And in every step, it comes as an obstacle.

Failure is definitely a pain but is also a lesson,

Tell me what if Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been fired from apple?

Would he have tried working for NeXT and Pixar?

And if not then he might not have gained his position as CEO back in Apple.

Failure is important because it brings the fire out,
that lies within you. The pain makes us stronger. And we give birth to dreams, hard work, and targets. If people wouldn’t have failed, they wouldn’t have realized the importance of hard work.

And what do you think failure is?

Is it just about falling down and failing in examinations?

Failure is more than just not being able to pass the other side of life.  People fail in relationships, people fail as parents, people fail as kids, and people also think that they couldn’t bring the best out of the life they were gifted with.

And it is important to feel the failure inside you because you learn. You learn from yourself; you learn from others and you learn from the steps you were taking all this while.

Trust me, I too think that I have failed as a daughter, I have failed as a partner and I have failed as the best friend as well. I was giving my career so much importance that I forgot the important people in my life. And it was a failure that made me realize that who I am right now is also because of the people I am not giving my time to.

Failure just not teaches us about not giving up or to keep going on. It also teaches us the most important lessons of life that no school ever talks about.

The great man ever said, ‘it’s fine to celebrate the success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure’ – Bill gates

Now, why failure is important? – 7 greatest lessons :

1. Sense
of realization

We as human beings are too sensitive towards everything. And not everybody is as expressive as they should be. When we fail, we feel guilt, we realize our mistakes, and sometimes the overconfidence that we carry along with us also brings down our self-esteem.

In this process of realization, we build a connection with our selves. To be able to feel the guilt is also a lesson. Most people are so tough that they don’t realize the importance of sensitivity and realization. And they keep experiencing failure until they acquire a sense of realization.

2. Makes
a person resilient

This phase of life builds us in a way that we are ready to face all the difficulties and still don’t stop trying. You might not know how important resilience is, but you learn to come out of the toughest situations when you fail back-to-back. And that makes one stronger. Without you experiencing failure you will never know why most of the people possess the quality of recovering fast and put their hands into work again.

Most of the teachers in the school are masters in their subjects yet don’t know how to teach. We only run behind gaining as much knowledge as we can but learn nothing from life. The more you fail the more experiences you gain. And these experiences will make you aware of the obstacles that may come in your way again.

4. Growth

We grow up when we realize that failing is fine and failures are not losers. These realizations only come when we accept the failure that came on our way. Acceptance is so important that people learn to accept every downfall that they go through and learn to accept the struggle of everybody else who is successful today.

Growth takes place in every condition. Let it be a relationship, life, career or parental journey. If failure can occur in any life phase, growth accompanies it to make us better and stronger.

5. Get
more opportunities

The more we keep winning, we don’t feel the struggles of life. Everything just keeps coming in front of our eyes. But when we fail,
we learn to stand up. We struggle so much that we face every new opportunity differently.

Every day we feel an opportunity knocking our door. It tests our patience and courage to see how far can we keep going without giving up. Failure is very important if you realize its importance in your life. You grow up when you fail, you learn when you fail and you succeed when you keep struggling without giving up.

6. You
become more creative

We learn about our bad traits when we fail. We tend to look for all our mistakes that were not enough to win. When we do this, we work harder for the next time. We think of new ways, ideas, and choose better roads to reach the desired destination.

I, myself, have learned so much from failure that every day I feel myself being more creative. Its only failure that makes us better, but we people find it too useless to give it another shot.

7. Builds
our self-esteem

We fail because of a lack of confidence and self-esteem. The lower the self-esteem, the more conscious we remain. If you think you have the knowledge, art, and potential, your self-esteem will never become an obstacle to your journey.

Our self-esteem does the job when we haven’t built ourselves enough. And we realize this when we fail. So, when we fail, we build ourselves better, our confidence gets better, and we can represent ourselves better.

Life’s too short to regret. Build yourself before the time’s gone. Realize that failure is important in life. And you will be all set to conquer the greatest success before you die. 

– Rukayya Zirapur

If you have failed in any phase of your life, remember, keep going is the only key to success for you learn step by step, not immediately.

 Have a good day ahead 🙂

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