How do I know if I am the problem in my relationship?

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if i am the problem in my relationship

If you also question yourself, ‘how do I know if I am the problem in my relationship?’ then your search ends here.

Just as you are looking for the cause in your relationship, your partner must have or must be looking for it as well. It’s something that we never stop feeling.

Most of the times people find ways and excuses to blame the other one. And still think it’s them because of whom the relationship is not working. The partners do anything and everything to keep the spark alive, yet fail because of certain habits.

You don’t have to worry about, ‘what if I am the problem in my relationship’ as we have got you covered with the ways how you can stop feeling it. But before that, let me tell you something.

We humans never show the real us to everyone. With some people we are very patient, to some we are selfish and there are people who also think that we are extremely temperamental. And that happens because we don’t choose to show all of our sides to everybody we know. We only choose to show what feels conformable.

Relationships tend to suffer from certain issues. These issues changes the behavior of both the partners. And it equally defines the mistake of both of them. What we don’t understand is one tries put it on another, while the other gets arrogant.

Basically, every relationship faces problems, but thinking if you are the problem in your relationship would only harm your mental and physical health.

Now, what are the solutions to such feelings?

  • Let the problem fight with you all, so you don’t have to fight with each other.
  • Think from the side of your partner to create better understanding
  • Give yourself enough chances to understand the situation
  • Communicate if necessary. Let them know that they matter and you want to keep them forever.
  • And together find the solutions to your problems. Because with time, problems change, love doesn’t. And you all need to understand that.

1. Acceptance:

The number one quality that you must always have in you is of Acceptance. Accept the fact that your partner has drawbacks, accept the fact that your partner cannot be perfect just as you expect them to be, and accept their way of showing love to you in front of you and others.

It is important to learn to accept everyone, every feeling and every behavior. Because when you do that, your partner feels that they are important to you and you in no manner will ever judge them for anything.

2. Appreciation:

You don’t have to keep on praising them. Appreciation also means that you are thankful for their presence in your life. Assure them that whatever happens, you will always be there. And keep showing them that how grateful you are for everything related to them, in spite of the tough days you all go through. Because when you will make them feel closer to you, they will share their emotional side as well. Otherwise, it is not an easy job for people to express their emotions, they would rather choose to avoid them.


3. Communication:

Communication is the key to any relationship. Letting your partner know every emotion, every detail of you, works the best. There’s a sense of trust in the communication. It brings people closer to us. When you communicate about every little feeling of yours, and everything that they make you feel whether good or bad, it makes the other person feel that you want this to work and you would do anything to keep them. Without having a word nobody’s going to know what do you feel and how you should resolve it. So consider having a conversation before making important decisions about your relationship.

4. Positivity:

Spread positivity in your relationship as much as you can. Most of the times one of the people is too negative in the relationship. Make sure you aren’t that one and be the one who turns every negativity into positivity. This way your partner will learn to accept positivity more than negativity.

positive vibes

5. Forgiveness/ Let go:

To let go is an art and to forgive is the gift not everybody is gifted with. Learn to forgive, let go and forget immediately after you get into a fight. The more the fight rises, the more critical situations get. It’s better to talk, solve and let go of the bad things, bad talks and fights that happened. All that is going to matter is love and only love.

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This is all you can keep in mind to make your relationship work because remember, it’s only you who can resolve your own issues nobody’s going to do it for you. If you take it too lightly, don’t expect the greatest return from it. Everything works with efforts and you both have to keep supporting each other to make the relationship last long. 

I hope I was of some help to you. You can reach to me on my Instagram handle @rukayyazirapur for an additional help as well. Thank you.

Have a good day 💞

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