6 Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

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When was the last time you felt unsupported? Almost times right? We want to be supported but do we support too?

Support doesn’t cost all the time. Thoroughly depends on the kind of support you show. If you aren’t financially independent you can also support for free. Just the thing is none of us ever invest our energy in finding the ways to support small businesses for free.

You get when you give. I, myself, have acknowledged people asking for support, but won’t return if asked for the same.

Every local business is struggling today because we are too lazy to go to the market, are scammed for discounts, and most times feel jealous of our friends going ahead of us.

I am writing this today to tell you, you don’t always have to have money to support every local business. On someday you can just contribute without spending a penny.

And I am going to show you how to support small business without buying. Just keep reading till the end.

6 Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

These 6 ways can only be accomplished if you put in efforts to do it. Support comes from heart. Let it be with money or without money. If you are not willing to, you will not be able to do it even for free.

1. Follow Their Business

Engage with their business wherever you can. Send them a heartful message on encountering their posts, new products. Let them know you love every new product they come up with.

Leave a comment and ask your other friends to do it too. Your one contribution can fill their days with joy.

If they have events, launches, special days, make sure you accept the invitations and visit them. Local businesses expect only from their close ones, families and friends. If you don’t show up, they will lose hope in themselves.

2. Subscribe To Their Newsletter

If they have a digital business, shopping small business online or an online blog, subscribe to their newsletter. Opt in for emails, notifications and text messages for new updates.

Open the link on receiving the notifications. Share it to your other groups, college groups wherever you can. And help local businesses gain more customers, clients and visitors.

If possible, even add a caption in your words while you share. Trust me, it can do a lot to a beginner, running a local business.

3. Help Them With Your Ideas

Sometimes people lack ideas and tactics that we may be aware of. Most businesses do not grow because they are unable to figure out the right ways to generate leads, reach or attract customers.

If you have any ideas, you can just share it with them. It is anyway not costing you a single penny and you will be able to contribute towards small businesses support.

4. How To Support Small Business On Instagram?

Social media is a hype. No wonder, people search for products and businesses using hashtags. I, too, search on Instagram before I use Google.

You can simply put their business page on your story or highlight. You can share your interaction with the business, share your opinion and experiences.

Instagram’s users scroll through their feed all day. Your one story will help the business reach a customer and it will help a needy customer reach the business. It’s that simple.

Plus, you can even go live with them and discuss their brand, their products, and their specialty.

5. Handle Their Social Media

If you are good at social media, you can help them with one of the platforms. Businesses today need to struggle to reach potential customers. Every business has become digital. But not everyone knows to handle social media platforms rightly.

Sometimes we even ignore some platforms while working on so many. So, you can help them handle one of the platforms and make their work easy.

You anyway can spend hours on online platforms, why not help someone you know atleast 15 minutes every day? It won’t cost you anything and you will still be able to support.

6. Write A Review

Visit their website or e-commerce site every time they come up with new products. Post a review on each product or may be the ones you find the best.

Write a detailed or encouraging review that may attract other customers to buy the products. Posting a review is one of the easiest ways to support small businesses for free.

We all know how much do reviews matter for a company or an organization or a business. I, too, scroll down to feedbacks from other customers before checking out on any shopping app. That’s the only thing a customer trust no matter how great may be the specifications of the product.

So, try to post a good, encouraging review on your friends or someone’s business website.

Receiving support can encourage more productivity and better relationships. If you expect support from someone, someone expects it from you too. You can’t ask for it if you can’t give it. And you shouldn’t stop supporting even if nobody’s supporting.

Kindness never destroys you, bad attitude can. And anyway, it’s not that you have to spend money to support, you can do it without spending money too.

Hope this helped you.

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