A Guide to Overcome the Fear of Rejection – 3 Important Ways

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overcome the fear of rejection

Are you afraid of rejection? Or looking for the solutions to overcome the fear of rejection? Because we have covered you with everything you need to know from its impact on your life to ways to overcome it. But, before we jump directly to its impacts, let’s see what is rejection.

Rejection is an act of dismissing the opinion, behavior, looks, personality, emotions, or sentiments of people. Rejection also means to not accept the idea or perception that doesn’t go with expectations. And that is why most people do not live on their opinions because they think rejection is scary.

How Rejection Affects the Mind of Individuals?


Rejection comes with different phases of life and individuals once face that phase, they start fearing rejection. This fear on the other hand affects the mindset of the individuals in too many ways, and he experiences life in a way that he shouldn’t be experiencing. So, to not face the rejection again they do or say things that they wouldn’t want to do or say, and reach to a level where it becomes difficult to realize who they actually are. 

Because of such experiences, where they have been rejected once or several times, they behave in a certain manner that they shouldn’t be. Now, how rejection impacts our lives we will see in detail in the below part of the article.

Here’s what you need to know –

1. Believing what you do not agree to –

What happens is when you start fearing rejection, you do not put out your perspective because you think you wouldn’t be accepted if you oppose to what others believe.

This usually happens in peer groups, society members, and in other social interactions where people show off their mentality, perspectives, share opinions, make decisions, and debate about what should be right or wrong. And in such situations, we keep our side safe by agreeing to what they believe without considering what do we believe in.

2. Trying to change your perspective –

Since every individual is different, their perspectives differ as well. Everybody looks at the world differently. Their point of view about certain things cannot always match with that of others, so these people who fear rejection changes their perspective about certain things in accordance with others opinions to not feel inferior while putting out what they think about certain things.

3. Imitating the behavior of others –

The fear of rejection leads to copying others. That means that people start to act, talk, behave, and walk in same manner as some people do to not get rejected for being different.

Basically, people along with the fear of rejection, also fear to be different from others which leads to a permanent habit of ignoring their self to fit in the society or the group they stay in.

4. Experiencing emotional breakdown –

Because of depending on the opinions formed by others about them, people face continues mood swings and emotional break down on daily basis. They make a habit of doing or saying things as per other wants them to, and become mentally stressed because of unable to do or say what they want.

5. Purposely doing people favors –

To be accepted wholeheartedly, without a rejection, people hesitate to say no to others because what if they leave or do not accept them as a part of their lives?

So, they do everything they are asked as help to maintain a healthy relationship with others, and not lose a company which may make him lonely afterwards. 

6. Experiencing lower self-esteem –

When people fear rejection, they look for self-acceptance. Their happiness depends on the approval of people. So, they do only things that would seek others attention and will be accepted as per other’s opinion. And if they do not get approved by others, they feel rejected. That is why they continuously try to let people make them feel better about themselves or else they will mentally become stressed.

How to Overcome The Fear of Rejection?

ways to overcome the fear of rejection

Before I tell you the ways to overcome the fear of rejection, have some sense of realization in you about certain things like –

  • I lack confidence
  • I seek continues approval
  • My happiness depends on people’s opinion about me
  • To fit in the society, I prevent myself from sharing my opinions
  • I allow others to reject me over my thinking
  • And I keep on doing things to please others, so they do not reject me for who I am 

Once you will realize its symptoms in you and accept them without excuses you will complete half part of overcoming it. 

1. Study your own-self 

  • Why do you get rejected?
  • What are your perspectives?
  • Do they sound right to you?
  • What mistakes did you make?
  • How should you correct them?
  • Why do you act, behave or think in a certain way?
  • Will that be beneficial to you in the future or is ruining your present?
  • Why do people think that way?
  • How should you share your opinions?
  • Why rejection is stopping me from being who I am?

2. Accept yourself as different from others 

  • Let your personality be different, if it is different. Don’t change the way you live because of somebody’s opinion about you, rather just improve yourself better
  • Allow yourself to put forth the points from your side. 
  • Let others know your perspective, your behavior, your actions, and most importantly your skills that make you a different person
  • Believe that being different, you are creating a unique identity that would be remembered as an uncommon identity
  • And let your perspectives be according to your experiences and not others because then you will not say that rejection is scary.

3. Slowly stop trying to please people to fit in their lives 

  • Be it workplace, school, college, friends group or society interactions, do not say or do things to get an approval from their sides
  • Do what you believe is right
  • Do what will work as a strength to your whole life
  • And stop seeking help from people to make you feel better about yourself when you yourself can do it by being who you are

Once you will adapt all these three techniques and slowly work on it, you will overcome the fear of rejection as rejection comes in every phase of life because of difference in opinions, strategies and policies. 

I hope I was of some help to you. Moreover, you can reach out to me for counselling sessions using the below button.

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