How To Give Him Space But Not Lose Him, 6 Effortless Steps

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How long have you been in a relationship? 1 year, 2 years, more or not even a month?

Whatever it is, do you ever think of giving your man some space without him asking for it? Men are quite complicated to go along with. They don’t convey their feelings as much as a woman can. They might need a breathing room in the relationship and still won’t talk about it. For that cause, here you can learn how to give him space but not lose him in just 6 steps.

Men are not easy going. They feel too much and talk too less. Their partner may not be aware of their sadness, yet fight with them. As they keep it low, don’t communicate about things, they expect space from your side.

Women on the other hand are expressive. They let everything out of their head. Even if the smallest thing hurt them, men will know about it. And they don’t expect much space. However, they expect a hand that can be there every time they are sad, or want something or anything concerned.

So, when women find their partner avoiding communications, doing something they don’t like, not spending all the time with them, then they feel they are getting distant. But the fact is they want some personal room in the relationship.

Let it be about some conflicts, different liking, wanting to spend some time with friends, we do need to come out of our relationships for that. Being around your partner all the time can become addictive and irritating.

Here’s How To Give Him Space But Not Lose Him

1. Don’t Devote Your Life To Him

Men get into any habit quicker. No matter what it is – an addiction or a girlfriend. If you stay available all the time, do whatever he likes, never say no, and even let go of your important things to be there for him, he will get in a habit of never listening to a no from your side.

Once he gets into the habit, accepting any different behavior will be difficult for him. He will fight with you, tell you have changed and may even taunt you for not being the same.

Show them the reality. Give importance to yourself, your things as much as you would do for him from the starting, so he will be in a habit of listening to a no just as frequently as a yes.

There will be fewer fights, more understanding. And you will not lose him on a point that you have changed.

2. Allow A Little Distance

Being surrounded with each other all the time can be boring. He may feel he doesn’t have a life of his own. He may feel that he is just spending all his time with you and nothing interesting anymore.

To keep the spark alive, let him meet his friends, go to trips and night outs.

Men are quite fond of ‘me time’. They enjoy those times with their friends. While in relationships they do not find the space to go out often. And women frequently complain about not getting enough time to spend with their man. This creates a mess in their head. They even fear losing their partner, so they give up on their friends and good times.

Sometimes the case can be vice versa. Women face issues where they want to be surrounded by their friends but men do not give them enough space.

So, in general if you both allow each other a little distance on some days, you won’t have to be surrounded by each other all the time and feel bored.

3. Don’t Run Behind Them After A Fight

Communication is definitely a key. But asking them to talk even after they are not wanting to can be irritating for them.

Sometimes we just need some space before we open up to what we feel. Men are already tied up. They won’t let it out if you keep pinching them. But may do it if you let them be free and let go of the fight easily.

We are humans. We have this habit of bragging about things till we feel the satisfaction. But it actually creates more fight than understanding. So, allowing some space for yourself and them can be good for both of you.

Give him space to miss you. If he loves you he will come back no matter what.

4. Don’t Take His Decisions

Nobody wants to be controlled. Men are stubborn sometimes. They would keep doing things that irritates their partner. Not even realizes it is hurting someone. But if you happen to be the one doing it or taking any of their decision, they will make it an issue.

To keep a healthy relation, it’s better to not allow them to take your decision and not take their decisions. You both still have a personal life. Relationship is a part of the personal life. Give him space to be the boss of his life, and be the boss of your life.

Until and unless the decision seems to be made regarding the relationship, then both of yours involvement is important. Otherwise, let him do what he wants. If it’s wrong, he will learn a lesson someday.

5. Keep The Communication Low Key

Sometimes when the relationship has not formed the connection, little things matter a lot. Especially if your man is staying in another city and you want to make it work.

Women generally have this complaint about less communication. If they are staying far, you will keep texting them or calling them every second or every hour. Even when they go out, you will call them to check on them. But the too much calling converts into doubt for men.

They start to think you don’t trust them. Plus, their irritation on the call makes you more irritated. You actually start doubting and the doubts turn into fights.

It would be better if you let the relationship be free. Not ask them to keep informing you of their every action. And ask them to not ask you too for the same. Till you both are into each other, nothing else will break it.

However, too much calling, fights and doubts may become an obstacle.

6. Don’t Let Fears Destroy Your Health

Fears like – will he come back if I give him space? What if he gets attracted to somebody else? What would I do then?

If he is not responding nicely when you are there, you can try giving him a space. Try giving him space to figure out what he wants. If he starts missing you, he will come back. He will try to make it work. But running behind him all the time just because what if you lose him? He will not have space to figure out what he wants.

Relationships are tougher no doubt. But having the courage to make it work because you love your partner, and you want them is incredible. And that can be done when both of you give each other some space, have distance for your mental health.

Hope now you know how to give him space but not lose him at the same time.

Also, if you are facing any relationship issue you may put your questions in the comment section below. If needed you can even book a counseling session with me. Good day 🙂

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