10 Things Women Do Only When They’re In Love

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Easy love never lasts. True love is hardly appreciated. I don’t even believe in love at first sight. You can’t decide to be with someone forever just in a sight.

But, there are definitely signs that says you are completely and wholeheartedly in love with someone. Otherwise, it is just an attraction. This article is also going to talk about the 10 things women do only when they’re in love.

Focusing on women as of now because men usually have trust issues and insecurities regarding their wife or girlfriend. Not in all cases but in many cases men start to feel this woman deserves somebody better.

If someday she forgets to do something her husband/boyfriend asked, or did something wrong, or did something out of expectation, they will start to feel my wife/girlfriend doesn’t love me anymore.

So, to help you figure out I have covered signs a woman is in love with you.

10 Things Women Do Only When They’re In Love

Well, not necessary that 10 things I show means your partner has to have all of them. They may not have all, but few or have extra qualities not mentioned here.

Let’s see what are they –

1. Isn’t Trying To Change You

We often misunderstand their concerns about us. We think they are wanting to change us, but they may want you to improve yourself.

Now how to know whether she’s trying to change you or improve you? Here’s an example – if she asks you to not focus on something you want to become because it won’t serve you enough, she’s trying to change you. If she asks you to do things differently to become something you want to become, she wants you to improve yourself.

A woman is purely in love with you when she doesn’t try to change you even after knowing the facts that you don’t behave the same you did before.

Sometimes what happens, we go through phases. When you first meet a person they will be completely different. That’s for what you fall in love with them. If the same things stop happening after a while, we think the person has changed, and we try to make them who they were before.

But it is just the phase. With time, responsibilities, pressure, family needs increases, and we unknowingly stop being who we were. Even then she’s loving you without changing you, know that she is never leaving your side.

2. Guides You

Women are hard to understand I get. She will keep telling you the same thing until you do it. And you even get irritated because you don’t want to listen to her. But all she’s doing is trying to guide you towards the right path, for a better future.

You may on someday go astray. You might feel lost, unmotivated and worthless. At that moment, she will be the one coming up with different ideas to motivate you. I agree, sometimes we don’t need solutions, we just want to be ourselves, but that’s how a woman shows her love.

She doesn’t want to see you feel empty, unmotivated and worthless when you have so much potential.

3. Dresses Up For You

Women usually dress up for themselves. They won’t care what anyone says about them. But if she is dressing up specially to get noticed by you, she is in love. No matter how many years you have been together, they will still dress up and expect a compliment from you.

You won’t come to know until she gets mad at you for never appreciating her or complimenting her. You all may end up fighting on a note that, ‘you always dress up good, so I didn’t think it was for me’.

4. Asks For Your Advice

She would look up to you when anything goes wrong. Even the slightest thing happens in her life, she will ask for your opinion before anyone else.

To a woman, her partner is everything. She will wait all day to discuss what new happened and what should she do further.

Moreover, you both will take every decision together because she wants you to be a part of it.

5. She Doesn’t Control You

She is always fine with whatever you do. She doesn’t force you to do something you aren’t comfortable with. Always takes care of your needs and molds in a way that makes the relationship work.

You may find yourself asking her to not do this or not do that, but if you say ‘I don’t want to do this’ she will be fine with it. She will still be fine if you couldn’t give her time because you were busy. And you may find yourself fighting with her if she couldn’t give time for some reason.

6. Keeps Thinking About You

This is one of the strongest signs she is madly in love with you. She will keep thinking about you all day. May even tell you how much she misses you. If you go away, she will call you, text you all the time and worry about you.

Women are always clingy around someone they love. They won’t think before expressing their feelings for you. If they are less expressive, then their actions will speak.

Everybody has a different love language. Some may like to show they love through their words while some only through their actions. If you can see all this in your partner, she’s deeply in love with you.

7. Forgives You

She forgives you every time you make a mistake. She forgives you Every Time you make the same MISTAKE. Even after knowing you are wrong, you hurt her, she forgets and forgive.

The love of a woman is selfless. She won’t count the efforts she takes for you. May even get neglected, she will still continue taking care for you. No matter what you do, all she expects is your presence in her life. If it means to forgive you, she will do it.

But if your mistakes are constant, she might reach her limits. So, take care of what you have and return the love you get.

8. Supports You

A supporting partner is someone we all look for. It is our number one expectation from someone we love. If your wife or girlfriend supports you, without you asking for it, she loves you a lot. And she wants you to succeed in everything you do.

She will even make sacrifices to see you happy and fulfilled. A woman is always dedicated to her partner, his needs and his dreams. No matter what happens, she will never stop staying by your side.

9. Checks On Your Health

Keeping up with your health is one of the signs she loves you without saying. She will catch you if you are pretending to be fine. She will take efforts to see how are you doing, or what is bothering you.

If you are unwell, she will love you even more. If you are stressing, she will try to communicate. If you are going through tough days, she will even give you space to be yourself again.

Her world roams around you. She can’t stop thinking about you if you aren’t doing great and keeps assuring you of her presence.

10. Doesn’t Show Interest In Others

A woman is truly in love with you when she doesn’t show interest in anyone else than you. She becomes blind. All that she sees is the love of her life. And she would go beyond her limits to do things for you.

That’s one of the cutest 10 things women do only when they’re in love.

If your lady is invested in you, you need not worry about anything. She will stay no matter what.

So, here we complete the 10 things. Hope you found this helpful. Also, let me know which of the signs your partner show, in the comment section below. We can discuss more about it 🙂

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