Stop getting Suicidal Thoughts with 5 Adaptive Techniques

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Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts mainly refer to planning a suicide due to pressure on mind or bad mental health. This may not include the actual act, but thinking of implementing it as soon as possible. And due to such thoughts, individuals end up harming themselves without a second thought.

These feelings can be treated if not implemented and shared with somebody, but can give a dangerous sign if already implemented and failed in the process – as suicidal thoughts are not frequent thoughts that come in the minds of individuals. 

So, to stop individuals from getting suicidal thoughts, we have sorted you with 5 adaptable techniques that can help you and your friends in dealing with it. Also, we have covered the reasons on why do individuals get suicidal thoughts before we land on to the process of healing it. 

Let’s see what they are –

1. Engaging in unusual thoughts –

 Suicides aren’t done without a reason. It happens because of thoughts that occupies the mind of an individual. So, when they start getting thoughts about death, violence, dying, and killing, it can probably lead them towards the thought of attempting suicide. 

2. Change in the way of communication –

We may not be able to notice such changes in ourselves if we are going through it. Possibly, it will be noticed by the other person you are communicating with. And generally when individuals get thoughts of attempting suicide, they talk about revenge, murder and shame very frequently. 

3. Making use of unused substances –

Individuals may start consuming drugs, alcohol and other substances they haven’t used before with a thought that it would heal them in the end. But, such substances can only give temporary relief and lead to extreme health condition in later life. And when continues consumption takes place, their thoughts of dying increases as well as they lose their energy, stamina and control over themselves because of the untold pain.

4. Feeling as a burden to others –

The pain when increases beyond its limit, people start talking about their worth in front of others. They start thinking as in they are becoming a burden and a pressure to others which eventually has to stop so rather improving the key points which make them think so, they think of attempting suicide and getting free from the real life tensions.

5. Experiencing unpleasant moments from pleasurable situations –

Sex, love, affection and all such moments that gives pleasure, may become an unpleasant situation for them. They may start getting frustrated while urging for pleasure. And lead to thoughts that may end their lives unpredictably. 

What are the Causes of Suicidal Thoughts?

causes of suicidal thoughts

1. Regular violence in the family –

Everybody of us was thought in school that everything starts from home – be it a social cause or a bad habit that shapes our future. Similarly, the environment, surrounding, and history of family affects an individual at its best. So, when a random stranger open a door for you, know that it has come from the environment he lives in. 

Family history of violence is the major cause of suicidal thoughts. It is what affects the mental health of an individual the most. And they end up in a situation where they do not know where to seek help from as at this stage, nobody seems to be trustworthy, who would help them come out of it.

2. Gender dysphoria

Individuals on identifying their gender get a little stressed about the circumstances they would face if everybody comes to know about it. Slowly and gradually the feeling of worthlessness start to pinch them as not everybody in the society accept individuals with special feelings. And so, they get depressed, isolated, mentally ill, which leads to attempting suicide rather actually communicating about it to their family with a thought that they would not support them for who they are.

3. Bad influence –

Most individuals stay in a company who do not have a great history. Because of high substance abuse in the company, they are influenced do it as well. When, these acts of consuming drugs increases too much, they acquire anxiety disorder as in they wouldn’t survive if they do not consume drugs or alcohol or any substance that gives them temporary pleasure.

3. Performances issue in school –

So many individuals think of ending their lives because of their decreasing performance in the school,  continuously. Due to scoring less in the examination parents pressurize them on daily basis, which makes them feel they are not as productive as other students are and so, they wouldn’t be able to make their parents every happy.

4. Feeling of loneliness/hopelessness/worthlessness

When people are being felt worthless, or land in a situation which makes them feel useless, they take it to their mind. After then whenever they face a failure in something, they remember the previous situation that made them feel worthless. And so, they start feeling it on regular basis which leads to suicidal thoughts and ending life immediately.

5. Have attempted suicide before –

People who may have attempted suicide before, due to whatsoever reason, do not completely heal from it until they hold a strong control on themselves. 

How to Stop getting Suicidal Thoughts?

stop getting suicidal thoughts

1. Change the company you stay with –

If you know from where you have acquired the use of substances, you should immediately change it for it would reduce the risk of attempting suicide, in the later life. 

However, you may not realize it immediately until you reach a level where its affecting your mental health or you have somebody who keeps alerting you to not stay with such groups who leave a bad influence on you.  

2. Connect with people –

Spending time alone all the time is not a good sign of living a healthy life. We actually need people in our lives to encourage a better mental and physical health. 

However, it is not necessary to have a close friend to connect with. But, connect with all kinds of people who carry different opinions about the life for you to learn from everyone and from every situation as when you will allow yourself to connect with everyone, you will have a better mental health, rather awful thoughts while sitting alone all the time.

3. Alert yourself of not continuing the family history –

A lot of individual have family history of suicide, substance abuse, and violence which continues in their kids. To avoid not going in the flow with the history, alert yourself of it every time you land up in an awful situation because remember, if you carry forward this act, your kids wouldn’t be at peace as well. And to not let your kids suffer from suicidal thoughts, take an immediate action for yourself. 

4. Give up on unnecessary medication –

If you take medications to calm your mind or to sleep in peace, then immediately throw them off or give it back to where you got it from as these medicines can only give temporary peace, but destroy the mental health completely when not taken regularly. 

5. Seek help or treatment –

If you know that you have already reached a limit where you need serious help, or you have started noticing its symptoms, report it to someone you are close to – a family member, a friend, a family doctor or whoever you would trust talking about it to. Because without a communication, you will isolate yourself which would again destroy your mind with unnecessary thoughts of attempting a suicide. So, to avoid getting more of such thoughts, make sure you speak about it and save yourself from performing a sinful act. 


Here we complete the causes, symptoms and remedies to stop getting suicidal thoughts. In case, you have something you would want to know about or talk about, feel free to reach to me for counseling sessions. Have a good day 🙂

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