Learn 4 Low Self Esteem Behaviors & Quick Dealing Steps

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Identifying low self esteem behaviors ain’t a difficult task, but for that knowing these behaviors is must.

You can be living with someone with low self-esteem and call them attention seeker, bad communicator, abuser and what not.

Some of us even have it in ourselves, but are unable to realize because we don’t know what low self esteem behaviors are and how to deal with them?

With every content I put here, I make sure I helped you at the end of the article. In this article too, I am going to share both – the behaviors and dealing steps so, you can identify and help yourself or others deal with them with ease.

4 Low Self Esteem Behaviors

On learning these 4 low self-esteem behaviors, you will achieve personal growth. Personal growth will help you live in peace. It will help you grow better and your relationships with anyone will not face difficulties.

1. Feeling Worthless

Low self-esteem psychology is so tricky, even if number of people love you, appreciate you, you will feel unworthy of it.

Generally people in their groups would feel neglected, even if they are the most lovable and adorable person. Similarly, in relationships, when the other partner loves them unconditionally, selflessly they will feel wrong.

It will make them question, ‘why? Why do you love me so much? I don’t deserve this.’ And that may sometime irritate their partners since they too are not aware of the low confidence their partner carry.

What can you do now?

Remember that, you or anyone feeling worthless, the feeling has come from some past incidents that you may not be aware about.

Now you need to look for that incident, that situation that left you feeling hopeless about yourself. Once you find the route, half of the problem will resolve as every feeling of yours is connected to it.

If it’s you who has it, then you need to start believing in who you are. You need to accept yourself as you are, plus all your emotions, opinions, perspectives and give yourself the respect you would want others to.

If somebody close to you has low self-esteem, remember, their feelings are never about you, but about themselves. So, help them overcome it by teaching them about self-love and positivity.

2. Hiding True-self

Hiding true-self is one of the low self-esteem symptoms.

We all are aware of our such behavior. We know at the back of our mind that this isn’t me when I do this. And the reason we do this is we constantly want to please people.

We feel inferior when our opinions and thoughts don’t match with that of others. We think we won’t get the same attention as we do now if we disagree to other’s views, and that makes us hide our true-selves

Here’s the list of hiding behaviors –

  • Not expressing your actual opinion
  • Trying to fit in groups
  • Agreeing to what others have to say, even if you disagree to it
  • Do as they say, even if you don’t wish to
  • Imitating their behaviors
  • And acquire their habits, ways, and presenting skills

What can you do now?

  • Trying to fit in will not bring you peace of mind
  • You will constantly feel you are hiding, you are lying and not being yourself
  • It’s important to understand your thoughts and being able to put them out
  • Whoever doesn’t like your disagreement, honesty, truly doesn’t deserve you
  • Look for uplifting, encouraging people to be surrounded with
  • And never hesitate to put out your true-self as you never know who you are inspiring.

3. Attention Seeking

People will lower self-esteem are never happy with what they have. They keep on looking for others to notice them.

If they have supporting two friends and a charming partner, they wouldn’t feel enough. They would want more, and often feel lonely on getting nothing extra.

They are not bad people, they just do not feel deserving of what they have so, they try to become attractive, cool, funny by trying to get compliments, appreciations and validation.

What can you do now?

It’s really okay to be an attention seeker. If it’s you or if it’s somebody else you know who seeks attention, please normalize it. Because they are just fighting a battle between their insecurities and emotions.

The best thing you can do to them is, give them attention. Make them feel good, but genuinely. If it’s you, then learn to love yourself in every manner possible as at the end your soul is going to accompany you, not anybody else.

4. Arrogance

Most of the time arrogant behavior is seen in men with low self-esteem, and most of the wives’ complaint that ‘my husbands low self-esteem is ruining our marriage’.

They would just put all of it on you to defend themselves, no matter who was right or wrong.

They can’t take negativity about themselves, so they raise their voice, use hands, get mad just to feel better.

In such cases, you can rather accept your mistakes then blaming others. Being true will actually allow you to be happier and will improve your relationships with others.

Whoever finds it difficulty accepting their mistakes and improving them, looks around for happiness and feels lonely. It’s better to be honest, kind, understanding and accepting unusual behaviors.

Low self esteem behaviors, rukayya,low self-esteem symptoms

List Of Low Self-esteem Symptoms

  • Getting jealous of others is another low self esteem behaviors
  • Difficulty prioritizing oneself
  • Insomnia, headache, difficulty sleeping
  • Pleasing others
  • Not saying ‘no’ because of fear of losing people
  • Unable to make choices
  • Doesn’t express real emotions
  • Imitating others to fit in with them

Signs Of High Self-esteem

  • Taking responsibility of your actions
  • Taking control of your life
  • Being able to make difficult choices and decisions
  • Prioritizing self
  • Understanding others, staying calm and kind
  • Believing in oneself
  • Presenting your true-self, without fear of judgements

There are more signs of high and low self-esteem in people, than listed above. These are the most common ones that you would notice.

If regularly followed the steps shown, you will 100% see the results.

We all go through a phase, where our confidence decreases, and start showing low self-esteem behaviors. But, it’s never too late to work upon them.

Once personal growth happens, life becomes better.

However, if I helped you in any way, do let me know in the comments.

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