How To Get Over Heartbreak In 8 Powerful Steps?

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How many people have asked you to get over that one person already? How many times have you cried over the fact that it’s not possible?

The reason why I am putting forth these questions is, I understand. I understand moving on is not as easy as pouring water in the glass. That is why you end up crying every time you think of it. But, before you look for how to get over heartbreak, you also need to ask yourself, ‘are you willing to?’

If you are not willing to get over it, you will not be able to follow any step that you are asked to follow. But If you are willing to, then know that there’re 100% chances of a better life than this.

Happiness doesn’t come on its own, it’s a choice. If you choose to be happy, if you choose to live in the present, if you choose to walk again, you will definitely reach the place you deserve, and I want to show you the path.

Here Are The 8 Steps To How To Get Over Heartbreak

These are the tested techniques. I have noticed that most of my coaching clients were heart-broken before they reached out to me and these techniques helped them move ahead in life.

1. Forgiveness

#1 step towards healing is the power of forgiveness. It can be for you or it can be for the person you lost.

A lot of relationship ends because of too many complaints. Either you had complaints with them or they had with you. Because they couldn’t bear the fights going on, they chose to walk away.

All these while I am sure you must have been either blaming yourself for all the mistakes you made or blaming them for doing this to you. If you keep that grudge inside you, you will not be able to reach the path of healing. Let it be for you or them, it is important to forgive.

Forgive yourself and them for everything happened. Because what’s gone was probably not meant for you. And what’s meant for you is going to reach to you.

I have always believed in the fact that nobody’s ever meant forever in your life. It’s just the moments you get to live with them until their time in your story is over. So, you need to forgive yourself and them to start the process of healing.

2. Acceptance

You know why I talk about acceptance so much is because the only reason we don’t feel like moving ahead is, we are attached to that place. Until we accept the fact that the place has become too dark for me, we are not going to get over it.

You need to accept the reality. You got to accept that something has happened and it is not going to reach to you again until they wish to. Even if they wish to return, do you think the same problems won’t arise again?

The growth is way more important than anything in a relationship. If you love someone, but there’s no growth together, how is that a good relationship? You need to have a peace of mind too along with having physical intimacy.

So, accept the reality, accept the facts and enhance yourself if you think you made a mistake.

3. Start Again

No, you don’t have to get into a relationship, but start being who you always were.

Most times we lose ourselves in relationships to become who they like. We accept ourselves as they made us to be. And forget the real us.

If you think you have lost yourself, start with connecting with yourself first. Do not do it because you want to come out of this, but for self-growth.

Every connection means something. But while connecting with others, we forget to connect with ourselves. You will be more engrossed in others, but not yourself. People say it’s selfish to think about oneself all the time, but why not think about oneself when it’s the only thing that is going to last forever?

Physical appearance fades, beauty fades, people leave, but your soul? Never!

Start to love yourself and start to be who you like to be. Go out, make more friends, connect with more people, explore yourself, and see what makes you the happiest. This will help you get disconnected with the surrounding darkness. You will achieve peace of mind, happiness and positive growth.

4. Avoid All Communications With Them

You cannot move one, if you keep communicating, justifying, looking for answers from them. Some people after getting heartbroken still communicate as in they are best friends. One person with feelings doesn’t take another one as a friend. It will hurt more instead.

You got to cut all the communications with them. You need to control your thoughts and actions as well.

The process of detachment starts from cutting of the communications. If you stop talking to them, you will get out of it faster.

I know it cannot be done that easy. So, you can start doing it slowly and gradually. Slowly and gradually decrease the communication. The detachment will come your way.

5. Allowance

How to get over heartbreak? A very common question asking yourself all the time, right? But do you allow yourself to feel the way you are feeling?

We often restrict ourselves to love someone after a breakup. The breakup isn’t supposed to stop you from feeling your feelings. It is supposed to help you grow better, improve your mistakes, and let go of grudges.

So, here allowance is important. You need to allow yourself to feel sad, low, heartbroken, to let it all out. Only then you will become stronger, you will accept your flaws, and you will know yourself more than you do now.

6. Read Self-Help Books

Sometimes we do not need advices. We are not ready to implement something some suggests. Because we feel weak around them.

In that case, you can take help of books. You can read them secretly, in your time or however you like. As sometimes books teach us lessons nobody can.

Recommending you few books below, if you wish get them for you.

  1. Get Out Of Your Head –
  2. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living –
  3. Can’t Hurt Me – Master Your Mind –

7. Don’t Push Yourself

The heartbreaks get so real, few people get hard on themselves. Choosing to go gym and forcing heavy weights. Not having timely meals to punish themselves. Getting isolated to not meet anyone and adapting to the loneliness.

For time being, it will make sense to you, but will destroy your physical health as well.

Nobody has to have so much priority in your life that you forget your mental and physical health. The ones gone may not even come to know about it, may not even return, why would you want to lose yourself when you have you?

So try not to push yourself, or be hard on yourself.

8. Remember…

Remember, healing is not an easy process. You may seem to get recovered but get back to that phase again after a month or a year. Healing is never permanent until we make it permanent. You will have to master patience, control your ill thoughts and practice healing.

Only then you will be able to help yourself when you get back to that phase.

You will become resilient, patient, better than now to understand the ways to tackle it.

And you will need no one anymore to guide you, ‘how to get over a heartbreak?’

Here we complete the 8 techniques you can use to get over a heartbreak. If you were already following some techniques, you can comment below which one did you found new.

Also let me know which ones are you going to use to help yourself heal?

Have a good day 🙂

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