Influence Others Positively with 8 Useful Techniques

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influence others positively

Everybody of us dream influencing people. Some of us even do it through social media by being a beauty influencer, a travelling influencer, motivational speaker, etc. But, have you ever thought about influencing people in real life? So many of us are influenced by other’s habits and behavior. Do you think about what impact you leave on others? Or how to influence others positively? Because if you do, then this article is for you.

I have invested a lot of time constructing the content so you can be benefited from it. All you need to do now is to go through the entire article and implement all the possible ways that you can to influence people rightly. 

How to Influence Others Positively?

To influence is basically a process of leaving an impact on others’ behavior, habits, character, and mindset. That is why most parents believe in sending their kids to play outside as physical activities leave a better impact on their health than a television. 

Likewise, when it comes to influencing others, it becomes important to have a self-realization that whatever you are putting in front of the people sets an example, improves their life-styles, and enhances their view towards themselves and the world. And in any manner you think that this is not something I should tell people, that’s when the point to influence others positively come in the spot light. 

Here are the 8 best ways that you must implement to leave a better impact on others and influence them positively. 

1. Who are you?

First of all, the most important thing to implement is to be who you are and to implement this you need to know who you are. Most of us don’t know themselves. That is why they face failure at certain phases of life because they try to see themselves the way others want them to. If you take sometime to know yourself, accept your flaws, improve them, and be who you are in front of others, they will learn to be themselves because you are teaching them to be oneself.

Once you influence others to be who they are, you will be cherished all your life since it is the toughest task to do and hardly people realize that they should be themselves, rather than trying to please people as per their wants. 

2. Think how do you respond to situations?

People like pointing out, get this straight in your mind. Everybody goes through unnecessary thought process in their minds, then they want to speak it out so it doesn’t disturb them anymore. That is why most people share negative feelings, opinions, or straight away taunts for that is what goes in their mind. And sometimes we face the same.

At such situations, when people are being negative, their opinions or perspectives are not matching with ours, or if they are trying to put you down with taunts, sarcasm, you need not react to it. Once you react, you give them more opportunity to put you down for your behavior. In such times, you need to respond since responding means to handle it calmly, with kind words, a smile, and no fights, no violence.

That is when you will teach others to be patient. They will learn that instead of implementing a fight, discussion, accepting perspectives, staying calm is lot better than destroying our mental health.

3. How good are you at being thankful?

People have everything they were meant to have, also get things they wish for, yet cry for what they couldn’t and destroy the value of what they already have. Things come and go, remember, nothing lasts. But the quality of being grateful will bring you even things you thought you may not get. 

That is the power of being thankful for all the good and bad things happened in your life. And when you acquire this quality, there will be a different glow on your face for you will not have many expectations and desires from people or anybody close to you. This will undoubtedly influence others positively since they would want to know the reason behind your all-time smiles and happiness. 

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4. You got to study the human behavior

Trust me, this doesn’t require a book. Humans are all around us. We are surrounded by people who think we don’t understand them, and we think they don’t understand us. Its acceptable from both the sides. But here without acknowledging the fact that every individual is meant to be different and so their behavior, habits, character, we will not be able to understand why people do what they do.

Everybody wants to be heard, but when somebody comes to us we try to either give them advices or solutions. We do not invest our time in listening to every bit of them, their concerns, their worries, their complaints and understand what they are trying to tell us. We just want to finish the conversation, throw advices or at the most give them solutions but that’s not what people want to hear. They just want to be heard.

When you will listen to people, wholeheartedly, without giving them advices, suggestions or finding a solution for them, they will find a peace inside you. They will know that you understand them and you will teach them how listening to somebody is so easy and satisfying that they would want to hear others as well. 

5. Not everybody is you

Believe me or not, but we only want people to do what we think is right. Most people aren’t alike. We cannot match their thinking, nature and so on. But, we can still accept them for who they are and support them in their journey from low to high. When you accept people, you will influence others positively by not judging them and teaching them to not judge anyone. It’s that simple. Only a matter of action, not even explaining somebody that judging is not a right thing.

Influence others positively

6. Support your friend's business

It’s important to support people you love, people who count on you and you count on them. People actually struggle so much for the support. They have to tell their close ones to visit them, share their business, their ideas, so they can reach more people. If we did that without them telling us, we would have been a better friend. That’s all everybody look for. 

7. Help your friends improve

Most people just think about going up and up and not help their friends because what if their friends reach more heights than them? It’s a competitive world, but don’t compete by being selfish. The more you are self-less, the more respect you attract and influence others positively.

8. Take charge of your life

I have been telling everybody for so long that whatever happens in your life, don’t blame others for it. If you want to do something do it. Don’t let others control your life or make decisions for you when you can do it for yourself. If you fail, you will learn from your mistakes, but at least won’t blame others for their decisions about your life. When you will take charge of your life, people who know you would want to do it too because that’s how we grow up. Influence others positively, rather telling them to do what you don’t believe in too.

influence others positively

A positive influence is all that people want in their lives. Everybody’s just randomly following what others want them to do, without knowing that these people are controlled by others too. I am so glad that you want to influence others positively, and this is your chance to implement it right away. Hope I was of some help to you. However, you can reach to me for a counselling session if required. Have a good day 🙂

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