This Is How do drugs impact the brain! A 2020 Guide

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This Is How do drugs impact the brain! A 2020 Guide

Drugs give the most pleasure, then how do drugs impact the brain?

When we are willing for happiness in life, what things come to our minds?

Mostly a solo trip to an enchanting place, a lively hangout with friends, or a mouthwatering dish. But some people use drugs as a source of pleasure and forget just a pinch of it can ruin their life.

The long-term intake of drugs can affect your mind, body and soul. In the beginning, you may feel the satisfaction but you put your life in danger on making it a habit.

Here we have covered how drugs impact the brain in 12 points. However, every drug has a different side effects. All the mentioned impacts are the common ones that may affect your brain completely.

How Do Drugs Impact The Brain? 12 Negative Effects

Drugs interrupt brain’s function. Brain has ability to perform some important functions like decision-making, controlling emotions etc.

Drugs flood the brain with some harmful chemicals by which brain neurons produce strong desire to continue drugs intake, as it satisfy reward circuit. Whatever be the cost you have to pay for drugs, you will be ready to pay it. It will create a big trouble for you and your family, as financial and emotional problem arises.

1 Blackouts

Due to drugs, brain’s functioning is impacted immensely. You may lose consciousness temporarily because of high intake.(1) Such condition refers to suffering from blackouts.

2. Mood alteration

Drugs alter the moods. As a result, you may crave for more amounts of drug to achieve more pleasure. Drugs and alcohol are mood-altering substances. So, it has the worst impact on the brain.

3. Anxiety

Drugs slow down the functioning of brain. This causes anxiety. You may constantly remain worried or nervous on stopping the drug consumption. That is why the need of consuming the drug rises.

4. Sensory Perceptions

Sensory perception ruptures on becoming a drug addict. Some drugs alter sensory information and some even influence perception of mood, behavior, thinking, etc. (2)

5. Memory Problems

Drugs impact the memory equally. Few drugs cause loss of memory. You will have issues remembering either short term or long term memory. Mostly it affects short term memory.

6. Reduces Body Temperature

Drugs act as central nervous depressants; it continues to reduce your body temperature.

7. Respiratory depression

Drugs impose the flow of oxygen in the brain. It slows down breathing. Respiratory depression is also known as hypoventilation where breathing rates reduces to 8-12 breaths per minute. The person may get in a critical condition if left untreated – like coma and death. (3)

8. Mental retardation

Excessive drug abuse also lead to intellectual disability. Most mental disorders are linked to too much of dopamine in different parts of your brain such as learning, memory, sleep, mood, etc. And drugs like cocaine increases the dopamine level.

9. Emotional instability

Drug like meth damages the dopamine level, which can cause emotional imbalances and memory problem. You may feel happy for an instance and become sad in a minute or two.

10. Discomfort

Lot of people are motivated to take more drugs to heal the pain. The anxiety, stress, pain they feel reduces on taking few kinds of drugs. To relax from the discomfort, they use drugs without being aware of the fact that it is actually ruining their brain.

11. Suicidal Proclivity

Drug makes chemical and psychological disaster in brain. Your decision-making power becomes zero. Only one thing that engages you, is illegally ending your life.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by CHANGE” – Jim Rohn.

By adding drugs to your life, you may not only snuggle in life-threatening bias but also destroy your emotional health. With above information, you must now have an idea that drug addicts live a merciful life.

Now, withdrawal from this dangerous activity is also not as easy as you think. Rather it needs a proper treatment and psychological sessions. Sudden withdrawal from drugs may make you violent.

Withdrawal symptoms may differ from person to person and also amount of drug induced in the body. The brain acts like a spring when you become a drug addict. When you decide to not do it, it seems like some weight is removed from spring and now it fluctuates randomly.

In the beginning, you may self-isolate yourself or remain in a state of depression as brain can relocate crave. But simultaneously you may recover by seeking help from therapists; doctors to help you mentally and emotionally to overcome this addiction.

Duration of withdrawal may depend on the below points

  • Time period of consumption of drugs
  • Type of drug consumed
  • What amount of drug consumed?
  • By which method drug induced in body (in a form of injection, smoking or swallowing)
  • Genetic history of drug abuse
  • Depends on medical and mental health issues

So, try not to give your precious life in the hands of drug. Remember how do drugs impact the brain. You can also help your loved ones by acknowledging them how drugs impact the brain and ruin your life.

If you find someone in your group who is in a grip of drugs, talk to them, motivate them, do all possible efforts to free them from this painful experience. Being attentive to drug addiction will help us to build up a society where youth would no longer do drugs to get pleasure in life.

 “A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drugs” – Patricia Neal

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