Help Yourself with Insomnia – Best 2020 Techniques

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Its become so difficult today for everybody of us to sleep in peace. And some of us even go through a serious Insomnia that affects the physical and mental health both.

Keeping the health in mind, today’s article is going to help you with its treatment so you can encourage a better sleep schedule every night.

In case you don’t know the cause of insomnia then it is primarily caused by factors such as lifestyle, physical and psychological well-being, sleeping patterns, and most likely constant access to technologies.

Eventually, people suffer from insomnia for their entire life and do not realize its effect on their physical and mental health.

Insomnia can be as basic as that lasts for a night or two, and chronic if it lasts longer. Due to this, it may become difficult to weigh the difference between usual and serious insomnia. That is why it is important to study its behavioral pattern and to what extent it is impacting our daily life run.

  1. If you find yourself unable to fall asleep
  2. If you are waking up in the middle of the night
  3. If it awakens you way before your scheduled time
  4. You get mood swings
  5. Irritation and Aggression due to less or no sleep
  6. Headache or low energy
  7. Fatigue sensation
  8. Trouble performing at the workplace, school, college, etc.

What are the Causes of Insomnia?


1. Emotional distress – Our hearts and minds have stored so much in them that it neglects the negative impact it makes. We just want to go with the flow because we fear to be transparent about our matters. When all these negativity piles up, it influences our brain cells and as everything depends on one another in our system, at the most, our well-being suffers.

2. Agitation – While insomniac has trouble sleeping, the agitation has one major contribution to it as an agitated person finds it difficult to express himself. And sometimes due to a sudden change in our surroundings or routine, agitation causes restlessness and irritability. Moreover, excessive occurrence can cause you longtime mental and physical illness.

3. Work commitments – Our work commitments take the toll at times. We struggle to sleep at night worrying about the next day, meeting, business travel and so on. Concerning your health, you must open up about your issues at your workplace, present your problems, have a conversation and you might find a solution.

4. Exam stress – As students, we undergo trouble falling asleep almost every day, we worry about our exams, homework, presentation. Right from waking up on time till we hit the bed. We are constantly running. Either it is the school or playing, exam stress is well known to compromise our sleep due to which our sleep quality gets reduced during exams and thus affects our performance. Studying is as important as sleeping on time and having an adequate amount of sleep helps keep you energized and alert.

What is the Treatment to this Problem?

1. Maintain sleep track – You can simply track details about your sleep on your phone. It will help you record things like your bedtime, wake up time and similar activities using health apps. If you continue to practice this for a good period, I am sure you will be able to figure out what is causing your insomnia and help yourself get over it.

2. Find the cause – Before you jump on to doing anything, study your activities and habits to know what is making you an insomniac. This activity will energize you mentally and will encourage you to self-improve yourself.

3. Give up on alcohol use – Most people find it difficult to sleep is because of the habit of using alcohol, drugs, and other substances that harms their body. Because of the substance use, we make ourselves habitual to not sleep without its intake as it gives peace. If you continue to take it as a sleeping pill, you won’t be able to treat the insomniac in you.

4. Take charge of your emotions – You know why most of us are not able to sleep is because we are so frequent in losing our temper. We overthink, easily get irritated, and react back to every situation happening inside or outside the house.

In such situations, if you better respond, stay calm, and forget it right after, you will always sleep in peace.

5. Physical activities – We have been taught about this all our lives. When we get tired, we sleep faster than usual. So, involve yourself in physical activities.

6. Meditation – This is another natural way to treat insomnia. According to many theories, meditation helps improve your sleeping pattern, it keeps you calm and fresh throughout your day

7. Aromatherapy – People use different therapy to cure different illnesses. Aromatherapy is one where you can use different massaging oils onto your skin without any side effects unless you are allergic to some plants or flowers.

8. Avoid external/internal conflicts – This is similar to managing emotions. However, in such situations where we have internal conflicts with ourselves in regard to certain matters, we find it difficult to sleep. And similarly happens in case of external conflicts where we get into fight with others.

If you avoid every negative action from the other side and respond to it quietly, then it will improve your emotional intelligence and will help you stay calm in every negative situation.

This will contribute towards your healthy sleeping schedule. 

9. Visit a doctor – If insomnia slips out of hand, then you must look forward to visiting a doctor for professional help and better treatment.

3 Ways to Help Someone with Insomnia

1. Get habitual with the irritation and other weird behavior – The best way to help someone with insomnia is by understanding their mood swings, behavior, random temperamental acts, fights and similar activities that may also irritate you or let you get distant from them.

Because if you react back to their irritation and behavior, due to their unhealthy sleeping patterns, they may get more frustrated about it.

2. See where they find peace – Talk to them, be a regular part of their lives and keep up with their activities so you will know what is the best side of their lives? 

Where they find peace? Who makes them happy? And how they calm themselves? As this will help you in helping them sleep better than usual.

Once you find out all of these, you will be able to direct them towards people and places where they can be at peace.

3. Find a solution to your snoring habits -If it’s your partner, a friend or a family member that you sleep every day with, then you got to find a solution to your snoring habits so, you can help yourself and your close ones sleep in peace. Click here to stop snoring in the night or else you can check out the below video.

Insomnia can become chronic if not taken care of. A sleeping disorder completely ruins a healthy lifestyle, and if you take efforts to treat it with the above mentioned ways or the ones suggested by your doctor, Ia m sure you will start experiencing a better sleep schedule than usual. 

You can reach out to me for a counselling session using the below button.

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