Deal With a Mental Breakdown – 4 Effective Techniques

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mental breakdown

A Mental Breakdown relates to the mental health of an individual, which generally occurs due to extreme pressure and stress on mental health. 

This is not a medical condition in general, but alike to an anxiety disorder which breaks the ability of an individual to function as usual. And may lead to a severe medical condition if not taken care of. 

A lot of individual go through such conditions where they do not know what to do, how to act, what to say, and they feel an intense stress over their head which may create mental health issues for the long run. 

So, to avoid reaching a level where the mental health condition becomes worst, we have sorted you with 4 effective techniques to deal with mental breakdown. And before that, you will learn its causes and symptoms too, which can be kept in mind to help somebody else cope up with it.  

Let’s see what its causes are –

causes of mental breakdown

1. A dreadful event – 

Events which shake and shock the person, are the major causes of mental breakdown. These events may include – loss of a loved one, failure in interested area, loss of capital, job or any event that leaves an awful feeling in oneself. 

2.  Difficulty in maintaining relationships –

Most of the people face imbalance between their career and relationship. This generally happens with individuals of age ranging from 20 to 25 and sometimes till 30. 

Because of imbalance and difficulty in managing relationships, the pressure and stress level increases which changes the daily routine behavior of a person and the person starts behaving unusual. 

3. Financial problems –

Financial problem is another major cause of a mental breakdown. In such situations individuals find it as a burden on themselves when they are unable to support themselves or their family for a long run. 

And that becomes a severe mental health issue because at this point they do not realize of what to do and how to do, so they take the situation on mind and face a mental breakdown.

4. Bad family environment –

Family environment is a great influence on one’s mind – whether it is negative influence or positive, it is going to leave some impact on the life of an individual. 

Similarly, when its about bad, frustrating and toxic family environment, it breaks down a person deadly and brutally. And to avoid or run away from such situations, individuals choose the wrong path and destroy themselves.

Symptoms of a Mental Breakdown

mental health

1. Sudden feeling of anxiety –

A sudden feeling of anxiety and distraction from the social events starts to occur. We get disconnected with certain people, certain events and avoid going out as much as we should or as much we already do. 

2. Suicidal thoughts –

Thoughts like suicide start to engage the head of an individual on daily basis when they face a mental breakdown. The urge to die increases so much that if they are standing at the height, near the fire, or in the middle of the road, they would try to attempt suicide and give up on it. 

And get more stressed about why things are happening the way they are happening.

3. Depression –

Individuals get depressed when they face mental health issues. 

They start behaving unusual, feel detached from loved ones, have difficulty opening up, isolate themselves, and stop going out in public to avoid judgements about their mental health issues. 

This on the other hand also makes their condition worst which leads to a severe mental breakdown.

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4. Flashbacks –

Flashbacks that worsen your condition are another way of letting you know of your mental health condition. It breaks an individual again and again through repeated events, re-living similar moments, memories, and a sudden conversation about past. 

When an individual gets back to the same memory that destroyed him, he faces a mental breakdown which later on leads to a severe depression, anxiety disorder, isolation and suicidal thoughts.

How to deal with a Mental Breakdown?

1.  Take a control of your sleeping schedule –

A person with mental health issues and mental breakdown do not sleep as much as he should. Due to stress, anxiety and overthinking, the sleeping schedule changes which leads to strain in eyes, pressure in head, physical pain, and isolation. 

If you realize that you or somebody else is affecting their sleep due to some issues, try to control the thoughts and shift your mind with things that interests you the most. Because if you don’t sleep, the mental health will get worst and you will require a medical treatment to recover from it.

2. Avoid staying alone –

Individuals isolate themselves to avoid going out. When they start to stay alone, they start to sleep on their problems. 

So, to avoid physical pain and weigh gain issues, you need to avoid situations where you feel like staying alone. This will help you be more active in physical activities and you will stay aware of what’s happening outside four walls.

3. Open up about your feelings –

Social anxiety disorder occurs to people who do not express what they feel. They are always in a fear of judgement or what if someone is observing them. And this behavior kills a person’s ability to communicate and express what they feel.

So, when you realize that you are becoming socially awkward, not expressing, not communicating, then try to meet the closest friend or a family member and talk about whatever is going inside you without a fear of judgement. 

If you don’t, you will never be able to heal, as communication is the key to solving all the problems in life. 

4. Ways to relax –

  • Do what you like to do the most
  • Socialize with friends and family during mental breakdowns to keep yourself calm
  • Talk about things to somebody you trust
  • Ask for opinions – this can be done without actually sharing the exact problem
  • Find ways to help yourself heal
  • Meditation is an ultimate way to relax and calm down
  • Meet children, old people, engage yourself in activities because the more you stay alone, the more you will suffer.

That’s all you can do to deal with mental breakdown. However, a person who have already reached a level where he has lost his senses might require a medical treatment. So, before you reach to that level, help yourself heal and help others heal as well. 

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