7 Biggest Waste Of Human Potential In 2020

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7 biggest waste of human potential

Do you ever wonder how much potential a rapist must have? Or the terrorist who thinks he is the master mind of his group?

Let’s make it even simpler.

If you can think of bunking your class with a great excuse, wouldn’t that also contribute to human potential? Because no doubt you are at least using your capability somewhere. But is that the right way to make use of it?

We come across so many people, every day in our lives. Some of them inspire us and some disappoint, and that exact disappointment is the biggest waste of human potential.

But how? How can a simple disappointment judge somebody else’s potential? Well, we do not get disappointed because somebody did a great job, rather we think, “If this person did it in that way, that would have been better” because according to us that is how one should make use of their qualities, nature, skills, etc.

I believe this is one of the nicest articles on my blog, not because of how I have explained it, but we all deserve to know where we are wasting our potential and what is the right way to make use of it. After all, “There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential” -Unknown.

There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential.

– Unknown

Let’s see what is the biggest waste of human potential.

7 Biggest Waste Of Human Potential

1. Bullying

Bullying has become too common nowadays. It happens everywhere – in the office, at the school, in the neighborhood, in the society, and almost on social media, that to either for the fun or because of the hate.

If only these people used the same quality to stand up for themselves while anybody trying to put them down or control them, their potential must have been used better. For we all know a bully doesn’t convey a positive message, yet so many individuals take inspiration from it to become the next bullying person.

2. Illiteracy

But how does illiteracy wastes human potential? Think if a person without knowing how to read and write can get scammed with only his thumb, he would have saved himself if only he was educated.

Likewise, the rapist, the terrorist, they are all illiterate and so uses their potential in things that conveys a wrong message. If the same illiterate people had learned to use their minds in right things, they would have better contributed towards the development of the nation, rather destruction.

3. Comparison

Let it be parents, friends, or we, ourselves never drop a chance to make a comparison of our worth with that of others. We have all heard the story of a mother calling his son a useless, who later in his middle age realizes why he is never succeeding because he is useless. If he had been told that everybody makes mistake and that’s how you move ahead, he would have given himself another chance to try again.

But, he was compared to uselessness. And similarly, we compare ourselves with other people, other things and waste our capabilities in something that may not matter in the later life.

If only you believe in yourself, your worth, your skills, and your talents, your capabilities wouldn’t contribute in the list of the biggest waste of human potential. Because it’s you who will build up yourself, and destroy yourself.

4. Overthinking

Wise choices are never made in anger, in depression or stress. They are made when we are happy, positive, and devoted. All of us invest so much of our energy in overthinking things and people that doesn’t improve our well-being.

If only we implemented the dream, we day-dream about and used our thought process in productivity rather in unnecessary things and people, that wouldn’t have been the biggest waste of human potential.

We are all so imaginative that we can literally imagine a death in our thoughts and cry about it, imagine if we imagined about how we can be a better person and had implemented it, we would have been a better person.

The biggest waste of human potential

5. Not speaking up because who would listen to me?

This is again the biggest waste of human potential. We do not express because we think nobody would want to listen, but if we don’t speak how would anyone listen?

We find the best people, best friends, the best teachers, the best colleagues when we open up and share a bond. If we don’t, how would anyone want to listen to us or be friends with us? That’s how you come out and build up yourself.

6. Addiction

People think alcohol is the only way to heal faster, but ever wondered about self-healing? If they had chosen to work on their problems, they wouldn’t have been in bigger problems than they expected.

Similarly, if individuals had used internet for enhancing themselves, they wouldn’t have been so lazy about doing something productive. We all get bored, I get bored, more than you may imagine. But we still can use some of our time in being productive, rather being addicted. It would do good to ourselves, at least.

The biggest waste of human potential

7. Racism

The entire world is a racist. If you and I were too cool about life, we would have never differentiated between black and white, thin and fat, beautiful and ugly, and right and wrong. Everybody of us is imperfect, yet we invest our time in passing a judgement about other people who may not even know who is talking about them in the public.

If only we invested our time in passing smiles to strangers, thought of having a conversation, considered everybody equal and perfect, the world would have been better.

I definitely cannot change every single human being, but if you are reading this, please make sure you consider everyone as equal as you talk about equality between men and women for at least your actions will inspire others to do the same, and we will reach our goals to stop the racism.

Hence, this is the biggest waste of human potential. But we never realize where we are wasting our capabilities. Well, here’s how you can utilize your full potential.

How Do I Utilize My Full Potential?

how do i utilize my full potential?

Consistency is important. The more you remain consistent, you will have higher chances of reaching your goal. Similarly, turn your negatives into positives. It’s not difficult if you really wish to do it.

Secondly, addictions never bring goodness. Like doing something, but never make it a habit. Likewise, take charge of your emotions. Control your life on your own. Utilize your skills, qualities in better things and help yourself stand up again.

Don’t give up. Don’t compare your talents with that of others, rather invest in them as much as you do it in yourself. Once you learn to turn your problems into solutions, you will never have to do anything more. And trust me, your potential then will never go waste just like that.

How To Be A Better Version Of Yourself In 2020?

how to be a better version of yourself in 2020

Compete with yourself, not others. Take time to meditate. Listen to your inner thoughts. Resolve all those issues that is making your relationship distant. Similarly, check on friends you consider close, but haven’t talked in days.
Learn from your mistakes and make sure to not make those with anybody else.

The more you remain yourself, down to earth, not trying change for somebody else but enhancing and improving to become better, the more you will be recognized.

Because deciding to become the better person has never been easy. But if you make your mind, take the decision, you will never fail. And I assure you that.

I have always been a person who had all the negativity, and may still have some, but once you decide on self-healing, everything becomes easier and simple. That is what is called as human potential development.

How Will I Know I Have Improved?

unlocking human potential

Eventually, when all your habits, behavior will start to influence others in the positive way, you will see the improvement.

As I mentioned, everything that brings disappointment means we are using our potential in the wrong direction, and everything that is helping someone, bringing us happiness and satisfaction that means our potential is used right.

When you will focus on all the areas where you need improvement, work on it, and implement it, you will see your life going in the different direction. People will notice it and might even express so that way also you will come to know that you are improving.

Because in the end improvement is all that brings success and helps us learn from mistakes. And all the areas that come under the biggest waste of human potential will slowly and gradually start to decrease.

Hope I was of some help to you. You can reach out to me anytime you like or book a counseling session below. And if you found this helpful, let us know in the comment section below.

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