8 Effective Mother And Father Roles In Parenting

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Parenting, one of those phases of life that needs to be handled with care.

Youth of today is blaming their parents everywhere on the social media. I might have done it too. Its become that serious.

No parents want to improve their habits and no child wants to appreciate even their little efforts. In this blaming journey, I want to help you adapt effective mother and father roles in parenting. So, you can create a healthier relationship with your child and shape their better futures.

Especially, fathers are required to be more active in the family. So many kids are not close to their father because they do not get chance to spend time with them. And that’s where the relationship lacks.

Additionally, you both, as parents will be aware of your individual roles. That way the parenting will become easier plus effective.

Let’s see the 8 effective mother and father roles in parenting.

8 Effective Mother and Father Roles In Parenting

Parenting is a beautiful journey. Every parent aims at raising a confident and well-behaved kid. Most children who promote kindness, values and high self-esteem through their acts and behavior is what they have learned from their surrounding.

The values you teach and the roles you play in their lives says lot about their closeness toward you. They will always cherish the happy moments, understanding, love, and nonjudgmental behavior. But they may get distant due to certain acts of yours.

That is why I want you to know that parenting is crucial and an important phase of life. And being aware of individual roles can help you strengthen the relationship with your children.

Let’s first see mother roles in parenting.

A mother is someone who understands the mood of the child. She always knows that if her kid is not being himself, there’s something wrong. She also knows the ways to uplift their moods and bring back their actual self. While fathers are quiet, non-expressive and silent lover.

Here are the list of roles a mother plays in parenting –

Role of Mother In Child Upbringing

1. Schooling Starts From Home

Believe it or not, schools do not shape the future of your kids. School just help you shape the future of your kids.

What they learn is what they see in their surroundings. If he is becoming the misbehaved kid, then you can’t blame schools for it. It’s what he has learned from the home and his bad behaviors increases in the school because of more such kids.

It’s obvious he will make friends alike to him, not better than him. He doesn’t know what’s the right thing to do and what’s the wrong this to do in their early age. There comes the first responsibility of the mother.

She is the first teacher in a child life. What she does, how she behaves, how she talks is all that a kid grabs. Children spend more time with their mothers than their fathers. So, it is important to be aware of the facts that whatever you do is what your kid is going to learn.

If you lie too often, they will learn to lie. They know you are lying since they are spending more time with you. If you are being kind to anyone and everyone, they will learn to be kind.

It’s not always the food you feed makes them healthier, but also the actions, words, mindset you feed makes them healthier.

Now you know how this role needs to be played.

2. Alertness

The mother is required to be alert. In other words, she needs to be a good observer.

The child is going to see every little phase of life. And every little thing is going to hit him differently. To be able to understand his emotions, feelings, needs and wants, you must be emotionally connected to him.

To be able to be emotionally connected, you must involve in their activities right from their early age.

Most kids aren’t able to connect with their parents because they haven’t been connected since the beginning. When they grow up, they feel lonely. They look for people to understand them and listen to them. Now, at this age when parents try to involve, they don’t like it.

It would be better if you let them involve in your activities and try to involve in their activities to balance the emotional connection between you two.

3. Mothers See It First

Wondering what do I mean by mothers see it first?

A child spends more of his time with the mother. She is going to notice the change in behavior before the father. This again connects with the point above.

If you are emotionally connected with your kid, you will be able to notice these changes. On someday he will be happier than usual and sadder than usual. If you are unable to figure out the differences, then the connection is somewhere missing.

4. Counselor

What I have seen in many houses is kids make mistake and parents hide it. Specially mothers to protects her child.

But she forgets that she is the first teacher of the child. If he is doing something wrong, she is supposed to make them understand the difference between good and bad traits.

Likewise, she is supposed to teach them about trust, love, honesty, kindness even when they are not receiving it from others. Because at the end, he who gives is loved the most by him.

And while the kid is in his developing stage, all these values can help him grow into a better human being.

5. Prioritizing The Child

“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness.” – Jessica Lange.

Putting your children before you, your needs and your wants says a lot about your values. Most mothers would spend so much time in dressing up good while the child would be dressed so poor.

I have seen it. Everywhere. And this is important because a child is always a good observer. He/she is going to see the time you spend on yourself and the time on them. He/she is going to notice every behavior of yours and carry it on the same with their kids.

You definitely enhance yourself, but don’t forget to enhance your kids as well. Because at the end, people are going to notice your kid before you.

Role Of A Good Father In Parenting

1. Influencer

Who makes a kid stronger?

In rare cases, it’s the mother who influence the child to be the strongest. But in almost cases it is the father who does the job.

Fathers always stay busy, out for work and less involved in the family. They do not realize their involvement is as much necessary as the mother’s involvement. A kid can only grow better if he learns from both the parents and less involvement of one parent can lead to lack of connection between the dad and the child.

When the child stays around the father, he/she acquires his quality like hard worker, strong, a server, respectful and somebody who is always concerned about the family. And it’s been noticed that grown up child with involved father is less likely to go on a wrong track.

2. Respectful

Some researchers have also found that dad’s who respect their wives are most loved by their sons.

Sons are always so close to their mother. Everyone who doesn’t respect their mother are hated by them. So, the very first person they look upon for respect is their father. If he respects his wife, his son is never going to leave his side.

This also makes the son respect women around him. He starts to understand the importance of respecting a woman for who she is. And doesn’t struggle with relationship issues in life.

3. Directioner

A father is firstly and lastly is a directioner.

He is who guides a child to walk on the path. He is who helps the child stand up on his feet. If he is not so involved, the child will not develop emotional connection with him. He may learn to live without a dad, may go on a wrong track, may even get into the wrong company and addictions.

In some cases, mothers who aren’t respected by their husbands, do not get support and father do not involve in the development of a child, plays a role of the father. She helps the kid become strong, understanding, respectful and hard working through her acts.

Effective mother and father roles in parenting is what makes parenting better. Children will acquire good values, respect, understanding and will be able to differentiate between love and hate.

So, it is really essential to work on parenting before working on children. Their habits and behavior are the results of your habits and behavior.

Hope I helped you.

Also, how do you parent your kids? What’s the best thing about your child? What mother and father roles in parenting you didn’t know about? Let me know in the comment section below.

Plus, you can book a counselling session below if required. Happy day 🙂

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