5 Steps In Decision Making Process – Now Live Stress Free

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If you want to know how do I take important decisions that leads me to live stress-free, then you need to follow these 5 steps in decision making process.

Decisions bring results. These results can vary in positive and negative manner. I understand how much difficulty you must be facing in making a serious choice. 5 steps in decision making process is a step-by-step guide. It will direct you to come on right conclusions.

But before we go ahead, understand the areas we need to make decisions. This will help you determine when, where, what needs to be done the most?

Here’s the list of areas where you may require making decisions.

  1. Businesses/Organizations/Institutes
  2. Relationships
  3. Marriages
  4. Events
  5. Internal/external conflicts

And all the areas mentioned above includes individual and mutual decisions.

5 Steps In Decision Making Process

What makes decision-making so difficult?

Why do we feel stuck while making choices?

What if it goes wrong? What if it turns out to be the worst?

We can never stop asking ourselves questions. We are always afraid of the bad results. That scares us to take decisions that would have turned out to be the best.

No worries, I am here to help you because today you are investing some time to improve your life.

Let’s see the steps involved in the decision-making process.

1. Analyzing The Situation

Imagine your business is not making any profits, or your relationship is too toxic, or you feel your life is controlled by others or anything that is not growing, then decision is to be made.

It will need analysis in areas where things aren’t working. For example – bad production skills, your spouse is toxic, your employees aren’t efficient, lack of support, lack of understanding or anything that needs improvement.

The point is, there has to be a strong reason for taking important decisions. Knowing on what basis I have to take the decision is the path to getting fruitful results. Because it’s always efforts over results.

If you want the best result, you got to take the right decision. But, if failed, doesn’t mean you didn’t learn a lesson. You surely learned a lesson to not repeat the mistake you made while making choices.

And mostly we make mistakes in analyzing the base.

So, everytime you are making analysis ask yourself –

  1. Is this the strong reason for taking such decision?
  2. Is this going to benefit me in the future?

Then proceed further with the answer you will have in your mind. That would help.

2. Clear The Confusions

Why would you want to take any decision?

Because you can’t understand what to choose. Whether to get married or continue studies? Whether to follow the dreams of your parents or to follow yours? Whether to invest with risk or look for alternatives? We get stuck.

This confusion creates internal conflicts. We are unable to make choices. We think of the outcome like what would it bring to me – good or bad?

That is why the best option to go with is your instincts. What you feel right in your heart would be the best choice. At the end, your satisfaction after deciding is lot more important than deciding. As you shouldn’t be feeling unhappy within yourself.

So, go with your gut feelings. Don’t think about the circumstances. If it goes wrong, time will heal. You will know that what you did was what you wanted to. But not doing what you want to may turn into regrets.

Again, to clear these confusions you can use the first step (Analyses) and see what is best for your peace.

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3. Don’t Get Influenced

The individual differences among us creates a lot of issue sometimes. People will put their opinions, you may even get influenced to think from their perspective.

We cannot stop anyone from putting their points, but we can think twice before considering their thoughts. Decision-making is an importance task. We cannot just make choices out of nowhere. It needs to be taken with care.

People would share their stories. They would share their bad experiences. That will influence you to think of a bad outcome.

It’s better to think twice, consider your instincts, and decide what’s best for you. Because you never know what went wrong for them can go right for you.

You can take an example of a movie. Somebody said Notebook isn’t a great movie compared to some other movie. But you can’t consider their opinion until you, yourself watch it. That is why it’s better to give it a try and see the results.

4. Prepare For Oppositions

Supposedly, you go to buy a bike. You loved one of them in one go. Without even knowing its features. However, the one you go with doesn’t agree to your choice. And puts their opinion. Even may say, ‘this won’t suit you’.

But, that is what you like, then that’s what you must go for. Know that oppositions are obvious. We can’t do anything about that. It’s okay for any reason they don’t like. Consider every reason you really want to buy that bike for.

Similarly, goes for any decision you are looking forward to taking. You will not have anyone to blame even if it turns out to be the bad choice. It’s better to take responsibilities of your actions than putting it on others, right?

5. Execution

Now, take the action. Execute your decision. With only three things in mind – this is what I want to do, this is what is going to benefit me and this is what is connected to my peace. Not worrying about the circumstances. Because tomorrow is uncertain, we can’t predict it.

This may turn out to be the best decision or may make you resilient. Lessons too are necessary. So, don’t worry. And do what you’re wanting to.

It’s always efforts over results. The better the efforts, the better the results. Let it be whatever decision you want to make.

So, yea here we complete the 5 steps in decision making process.

In the end, the only thing I would want to know is – how far did I help you? You can share it in the comment section below.

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