Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence – 10 ways

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emotional intelligence

Its common in humans to  lack skills in managing certain kinds of emotions in difficult situations. If you also hide your emotions or avoid them to not face an emotional breakdown, I would suggest you to go through the whole article to enhance your emotional intelligence which will be an ultimate help in knowing yourself as well. 

Also, before we know how to enhance our emotional intelligence, you can take a test for yourself using the link below, to know at what level you stand in this case, and you will be able to cope up with the areas where you lack using the 10 ways mentioned in the remaining part of the article to enhance your emotional intelligence.

10 Ways to Enhance your Emotional Intelligence

Here are the 10 proven ways to enhance your emotional intelligence which will help you in your personal as well as professional life. Without having a desired level of emotional intelligence, you may feel difficulties in managing partnerships, relationships, professionalism, career and the most important of all your emotions at certain stages of life. 

1. Emotionally intelligent people don't avoid their sudden feelings

Feelings do not come with time. We randomly out of nowhere start to feel something and don’t realize the root of it. In such cases, you are required to acknowledge these feelings, see the root of it, analyze how do you behave on feeling things like this, and why is affecting you so much because then you will know the difference in your responses when you are feeling certain emotions and when you don’t.

Basically, rather avoiding the emotions to not let it affect your mental health, acknowledge them to know yourself better for it will help you improve your various kind of relationships with people throughout your life. 

2. Emotionally intelligent people consider the other side of the story

Most people rely on their opinions. They have a sense of feeling in themselves that what opinions they carry about certain things and people are the only opinions that should be considered, while others perspectives doesn’t make sense. And emotionally intelligent people consider everybody’s opinion to question and challenge theirs to understand the nature of other people, which also makes them adjustable to all kind of perspectives, yet growing up with what they, themselves, think about certain things and people. 

3. They don't let the conflicts affect the target

In the workplace, conflicts are too common. They can occur anytime, anywhere, between co-workers, team members or employers. During such situations, one need to stay calm and ensure that the productivity to reach the goal remains the same for if the conflict affects the process of reaching the target, then you require patience, calmness, and skills to manage your emotions to focus on the goal.

Basically, emotionally intelligent people look forward to resolving the conflicts, than reacting to conflicts to not let it affect the productivity.

4. Such people seek self-awareness

Emotional intelligence is rarely found in people since there are very few who consider investing time in knowing themselves before anybody else. Essentially, self-awareness is the main requirement to enhance your emotional intelligence which can be done by seeking feedbacks and opinions about you from somebody close, who is known to your behavior in certain situation or during certain phases of life. This will also help you improve your actions and responses at required times.

5. People with emotional intelligence listen to understand

During a conversation, it is not simple listening to a person just to understand what he is trying to say. Most people look for their turn to speak their views, rather clarifying the point of the other person.  In such situations, you are required to effectively listen to people so you know what they mean to say and respond to it accordingly. Because if you fail to understand what the person wants to speak and focus on putting your part, you may face more problems in your personal and professional relationships, than you generally expect.

emotional intelligence

6. Emotional intelligence makes a person resilient

When you will learn to manage your emotions and respond to situations rather reacting to them, you will become resilient. You will be able to recover from difficult phases of your life faster than you do it right now and will also be able to help others with your actions, responses, experiences, and consistent habit of understanding the human behavior.

7. Imagine yourself in certain situations

Imagine that you are being put in a certain situation. Now, predict how you are feeling about it. Then imagine your reactions, responses, and behavior to that particular situation for you will become aware of your emotions and will be able to tackle them when you actually get into such situations. 

For example – Ask yourself, ‘how will I feel if this happens?‘ and, ‘how will I react to it?’ As this will take you a step ahead to knowing yourself better and improving your connections and interactions with others.

8. Emotional intelligence makes a person empathetic, rather sympathetic

It’s rare to find a person who shares the same emotions and understanding that you share with yourself. And if you find one then you know how emotionally intelligent that person may be, because showing the emotions that people actually seek from others is an ultimate quality of a person. Most people fail to show empathy and end up showing sympathy, which doesn’t give them opportunity to create a healthy relationship with others. So, to enhance your emotional intelligence, being empathic is another important way.

9. Know how to communicate well

All of us know that communication is the key to every relationship – be it a personal or a professional. If you are lacking skills in communicating well, you may face difficulty in managing them. And to be able to manage such relationships with ease, you have to know ‘how to say’, ‘when to say’, and ‘what to say’ to people you are connected with, for it will help you improve your emotional intelligence. 

10. Emotionally intelligent people do not blame others for their emotions

The most important way to enhance emotional intelligence is probably taking responsibility of your emotions. People actually blame others for their mental or emotional breakdown or the certain emotions they start to feel all of a sudden. They think that the root to their sudden emotions are the people and their actions and so, they let their feelings control their mind rather taking the control of their emotions. 

So, these were the 10 best ways to enhance your emotional intelligence. If you had not taken the test using the link above, make sure you do it atleast once in your life so you will know where you need to work and improve yourself.

However, you can reach out to me for a counselling session using the link below. Have a good day 🙂

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